DIY Plant Stands

11:29 AM

Well, I was finally able to upload pictures of these little plant stands Matt made last week without accidentally deleting them! In my defense, the import button and the delete button are right next to each other AND it doesn't ask you if you're sure you want to delete the pictures. Come on iPad, you're supposed to know what I'm thinking even when I tell you the opposite. Anyway, if you remember back when we bought a big old beam to make two mantles from I mentioned that we had quite a bit more than we needed. It turned out to be a good thing for two reasons. First, cutting through a 4" beam with a saw that only cuts 2-3" deep is tricky. Secondly, these cute little plant stands!



They were really quite easy and you could pretty much make them out of any decent sized chunk of wood you've got lying around. Sadly I took no "in progress" pictures. Not a one! But since they are so easy, I don't think they're really necessary.

Step 1: Cut a hole in a box Sand your chunk of wood.

Step 2: Seal your chunk of wood.

Step 3: Put legs on your chunk of wood.

We used some Polycrylic that we already had to seal the wood and we picked up two different sizes of CAPITA legs from IKEA to vary their elevations.



I think Barbara approves of the addition to her favorite spot. Now she can feel like an exotic jungle cat while she snoozes ontop of a heat vent. Treats n' snoozin!



Later this week: more cats (I went to a cat show and a big cat sanctuary) and crafty fun times at IKEA! So make sure to check back for that.


Nikki Kelly


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