Forget Winter, Spring is Coming!

10:48 AM

Now that we have officially crossed into the spring season, my green thumb has started twitching. Wait, that's a lie, I don't have a green thumb. The only reason we are surrounded with living plants is because of Matt's diligent watering. I do have to put in more effort to water outside in the summer, but I can just use a hose and it takes all of 5 minutes. Anyway, back to that twitchy green thumb. Since we've been getting a few days in the 60's here and there we have started perusing the gardening centers looking for a small tree like plant to replace the contorted filbert we bought two summers ago that pretty much died. We planted it in the wrong spot and it got a bad case of bark cancer, and by bark cancer I mean it got burnt by the sun. While we were checking out the trees I came across my dream tree! It's a Dwarf Ranier Cherry tree! Maybe I'll call it Cherrion Lanister. You know, since its of the dwarf variety. Oh, and don't you love how we got it home?


I felt really luck to find this little tree since 1. this is the first time I've ever seen Rainer cherry trees for sale and 2. I found a dwarf version for our dwarf sized back yard. Seriously, our yard is 260sf, thats smaller that most decent sized living rooms. The little tag said it should only grow to be between 10 and 15 feet tall.



Matt spent the previous day digging out dearly departed Phill to make way for a new tree, so planting Cherrion when we got home was a snap.



And because I was waiting for a few leaves to sprout before taking an after picture (or I just forgot) I only have this picture during from our last spring dump. If you look on the very left side of this picture you can see our little bird feeder we picked up too. Sadly we haven't been getting any bird action yet, but I'm hopeful it will be the new trendy/overpriced eatery for those hipster finches.



The earliest bird feeder patrons can move into this adorable little ombré bird house that we picked up from Crate&Barrel. I am really hoping to drive the cats nuts with the two additions.



I also had some pictures of two plant stands that Matt made to share today, but when I ment to import the pictures from my card I accidentally hit delete instead. That's ok, they were just quick pictures and they weren't that good anyway. I'll try again this weekend. What kind of spring projects are you gearing up for?


Nikki Kelly


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  1. Just found your blog and I'm really enjoying it! A couple things about your tree that I'm betting nobody told you: Sweet cherries need a pollinator - a differently-named cultivar for cross-pollination. Also, it might just be the angle of the photo, but that planting hole looks to be way too deep for that root ball.

    Just trying to help (I'm a professional plant geek), not trying to be a troll! :-)


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