Taming of the Grass

3:37 PM

What happened to spring? I feel like we were ripped off. There was literally a blizzard every week until the begining of May, and then it was in the 90's. Spring always makes me want to go pick out plants and I love seeing the cherry blossoms all over town. Sadly, there were no cherry blossoms to admire, but there were still some signs of spring in our baby-sized back yard. Our grass went absolutely crazy, and our clematis didn't die over the winter and is growing at quite a rapid rate!
I'm pretty sure some of the grass was of a foot tall. While I love the look of this long wispy grass, it's kinda patchy and could use a second seeding. Luckily our friends entrusted us with watching their house and cats while the were on their two week European vacation, suckers! We promptly "borrowed" their weed wacker to tame our little "lawn".


While it was more efficient than trying to trim it with scissors, it was a little bit of a mess. It's hard to get the grass to be even, and the weed wacker sends bits of grass flying everywhere. There were clumps of grass splattered all over the lattice and garage, not exactly pretty. Matt was also nervous about accidentally killing the clematis plant since its kinda close to the grass.



After complaining about discussing this at work and talking about wanting a push mower one of my co-workers, Michael, offered his to us. Now he never has to use a push mower another day in his life, and I can have even grass without spackling our garage with grass clippings! That's a win-win situation. I wonder how long it will take Matt to regret the day I brought home a push mower?



The grass was a little long, so it took a few passes and still isn't perfect but I think once we re-seed and the grass fills in more it will be!



Like I said, it's a work in progress. I hope it's super lush by the end of summer though. Oh, and this picture is two weeks later than the first. Judging by how fast the clematis is growing it should be all the way across the garage by my birthday.



Holla to all my tiny yard havers out there!


Nikki Kelly

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