Kitchen Complete!

1:01 PM

The kitchen marathon is over! I had hoped to get it finished before I went back to work last week, but it just wasn't quite there. Probably like 95%, but that's not enough when you're getting ready to list your house! That's also the reason I didn't post last week. I've been slaving away until at least 9 most nights to get it done, and I've just been too tired to do much else.

So, what ended up getting checked off last weeks to-do list?

  • The backsplash is done!
  • Toe kicks are done (no more black holes to eat up all the kitty toys)
  • Cabinets have a fresh coat of paint
  • The outlets and switches are blindingly white

The big fluorescent light fixture didn't get replaced, but I just don't care anymore. So really the kitchen from about 4" down is beautiful. That's what cropping if for, right? Speaking of cropping, let's just jump to some pretty after pictures!


I just love how the backsplash turned out! Don't let this picture fool you, the granite is not that yellow. It's not quite as white as the tile, I think the artificial lighting made it look that way. It's more accurate in the picture above. And I really love that the's little brown flecks scattered throughout. It's like I picked the paint for the cabinets just to match (I totally didn't).


I just love this little corner so much! I chose to bevel the tiles around the corners of the window (just like you would with baseboards) and I think it looks so clean. I also love how perfect the new switches and outlets are. Seriously, they were pretty sad looking before. I'm also forcing some tulips in water in hopes that they will be blooming when we list the house.


Now for my attempt at listing photos. Our realtor (and Matt's brother) said we should have a professional shoot our listing photos, but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway. It will be fun to see the difference.





So now that the kitchen is ready to woo a buyer, I'm moving on to our sad little bathroom situation in the master bedroom.

Nikki Kelly

P.S. Just for funsies here are some real early before (pre move-in) pics of the kitchen.



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  1. Whoa. First off, it's gorgeous! Second...those super before Just wow.

  2. Ambitious indeed. Great results. DIY eh? I can keep up with that all the way until the exact moment in time that a tool is in my hand. That's sort of when the whole thing falls apart. Next time when dealing with cabs don't paint, instead rejuvenate and modify. Most people just paint cabs and don't realize their potential. Drop the front doors, sand and stain, then dress up the exterior with a new wood trim border, and even toss some glass in there for a unique appeal. I still keep the old flourescent light in the kitchen. Only thing better than that is adjustable tract lighting. I like the mini flourescents which can be installed under cabinets, above the counter tops sort of areas. Also make good night lights. You don't need pro photos to sell in Denver, lol. Hopefully this market demand will die down soon. Denver and everything around it just aint the same any more. Hopefully you did something awesome with the flipped equity and rolled a 15 or your new one instead of another 30.

  3. Hi! I know this is an older post, but I just stumbled across it, and I absolutely love this kitchen! Do you recall what the name of the paint color on the walls is? (Or do you carry a purse full of paint chips--I can't be the only one, right?) And how did you refinish your cabinets? Is that paint, or did you strip and stain them? Sorry--so many questions! :)


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