Cabinets For Studio Sweat

9:36 AM

Hey, remember my studio? You know, that bright yellow room that I perfected my stenciling in?

I know the progress in that room is pretty slow but I have an excuse. Since the rest of our house has so many other projects that need our attention I can't really be spending a ton of money on one room that is really only used by me. So while I've got plans for days, I can't just up and start a new project down there after finishing the last one. With that in mind, I actually installed these Ikea cabinets probably a month and a half ago but haven't wanted to share them because they were naked.

Here's a quick run down of installing my cabinets. Since my studio is just shy of 8' wide I purchased two 36" wide cabinets and one 12" wide cabinets. I cut some of the window framing off so the tops would've even with the window sill.

Then I mounted 2x4's on the wall where the mounting track and bottoms of the cabinets go.

I needed the space behind the cabinets so I could maintain access to one of the 3 outlets in the whole room by way of a power strip.

Then finally mounted the cabinets all the way to the right, which would leave approximately 6" of space to be able to access the water shut off valve.

"But Nikki, now you have this stupid gap that makes your cabinets look dumb!"

Yes, there is a big stupid gap that would make my cabinets look dumb, but not if I cover it up with a cabinet door. Which is exactly what I will share with you next week.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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