Happy Caturday!

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I have officially crossed into crazy cat lady territory! Saturday my beasties and I hit up our local cat show in our finest cat shirts, and it was amazing! If you are unfamiliar with what goes on at a cat show prepare to be informed. First up, judging. Just like those dog shows they put on tv there is the equivalent cat shows. Unlike a dog show where the dogs are supposed to be taken seriously, cats are rewarded for their adorability. There is no prancing around on a leash, but there is a playing with stick toys portion to the judging. I would like to know more about what it takes to be a professional cat judge, because they basically get to play with purrfect kitties all the time.




In order to be presentable the cats are fluffed within an inch of their lives.




Then, if its not quite their turn to be judged they get a bib made from a coffee filter thrown around their necks.



Or, if their owner really loved them, a custom bib with lace trim like this cat. I guess the other cat is being shunned.



Now, while all these cats look so precious and cuddly (which I'm sure there are) you need to keep your hands to your self. Apparently your dirty hand oil will ruin any of these cats chances at being Best In Show. You can't hug every cat.






Of all the cats this little lamb was my favorite! It's a Dornish Rex. They have short curly hair and the sleepiest looks on their faces. This one was just so content, her biscuit making and sleepy eyes just killed me. No more mutt cats for me! My next cat (probably not for a long time, T and B are only 7) will be some fancy breed for sure.



We also collectively fawned over this little playful British Short Hair kitten. It was so feisty and that tail is so fluffy!




There were also a few booths pedaling their cat wears n' such. I thought these cat bed/slings would be an easy project. Maybe I could make one with some sort of mesh fabric and put it over one of the heating vents for Babbs.



Then, because one cat related activity does not a Caturday make, we visited some hobo kitties fresh off the streets at not one but two cat shelters. We had some time to kill before the grande finale of Caturday. I felt bad for all these kitties, and even texted this picture of little Miss Portia to Matt to see if he wanted another cat. She is a little crusty looking here, but I think all cats at animal shelters look crusty. She just needs a bath, a fresh lion cut, and some love. I think if I had really wanted to adopt her she would be living in our house right this second, but I feel like once I bring one hobo kitty home I would be opening the flood gates, so it was my internal resolve to not want to bring her home as much as I would like to. Matt even asked me the other day if I really wanted to adopt her in a way that led me to believe he would be willing to get another cat. Oh Portia, I hope someone scoops you up soon.



Now, on to the big cats! There's a animal sanctuary 40 minutes outside of Denver that our friend Harmony wanted to visit with her friends befor her birthday party. Most of these animals have some crazy stories about where they came from, but long story short: people are dumb! Seriously. Why would anyone think keeping a giant male lion in their garage and feeding it cat food would be a good idea? I mean really! Lucky for these animals they have been saved from their neglectful and abusive owners and get to live out their days in peace. Thankfully Matt came along for this part of Caturday and is pretty handy with a zoom lense. (Hey honey, I swiped some of your pictures while you are out of town! Love you.)







A quick note about this guy, he was being sooo melodramatic! He was roaring for quite a while then got up and did this. After that he walked probably 20ft, flopped on the ground, and let out a huge winey moan. Maybe he didn't like that the other male lion was getting all the attention from the lady lions.






And bears!



There were even some wolves.



Just to finish things off nicely, here is everyone (who wore a cat shirt) in our awesome cat shirts for Harmony's birthday!



All in all it was a purrfect Caturday! If you haven't had enough cat business (is there ever enough) check out Jenna's trip to last years show!


Nikki Kelly


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