CB2, I Heart You!

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I've been a distant admirer of CB2 for a while now. I get their catalogue in the mail all the time, but I'm that kind of person who has to see things in person before I buy them. Since there's not a CB2 in Denver, I've only purchased small little accessories here and there. NO LONGER! I want all of the things!

While we were in San Francisco, I had a strong suspicion that there was a CB2 somewhere in the city. After a quick search on Google Maps I expressed my excitement because we were staying a mere 3 blocks away from it! Our last day in San Francisco I speed walked myself with Matt and Marcus in tow to go check it out.



My celebration was slightly premature. I didn't notice that the store wasn't quite open until after I had pulled on the door handles once or twice. Ok, it was twice. After a quick stroll through Old Navy to kill some time we were greeted with unlocked doors. Look how excited I am!



First up, these sofas! Matt and I have been longtime fans of the Aidan sofa from Crate and Barrel, but the Avec sofa looks really similar and costs less than the Aidan chair.



There's even a smaller apartment sized version! These two are staying on our list of potential upgrades from our big L-shaped sectional.



I also saw a lot of stuff that I'd like to upgrade our bedroom with. You remember that right? No? Well good! Anyway, I'd love a low platform bed, but without the protruding platform that is just begging you to slam your shins into. The Dondra achieves just that!


There was this adorable little vanity, the Tango that I thought would fit perfectly in our room. I really like the scooped out top, and the mirror folds down flat. Perfect for hiding all that crap that you don't really want to put away every single day.


These Junction dressers are what I envision fitting into our room someday. One tall one and one wide/short one.



And two of these Slice storage shelves would be perfect for night stands. I like them because of their ability to hide crap, they're so sleek, and they are floating!



The rest of this stuff isn't bedroom related, but I thought the Torino desk was genius! The top slides out to reveal yet another place to hide all your crap. Are you sensing a theme? My desk is always a giant mess, so much so that we never use it. Hopefully we can get to work on the loft and remedy that after we're done with the painting.



This little Cuckoo clock is an adorable modern twist on the old classic. Say hello to the tiny bird that pops out.



I'm always a big fan of lighting. Signal Floor Lamp, Chord Pendant Lamp, and the Cloche Table Lamp. I think the cloche lamp would be cool on a bookshelf, maybe with this sneaky on/off switch!



I also am a big fan of tea light candles. They are just so magical! These Glow Candleholders look like they'd reflect the light nicely.



And I'd like about a hundred of these Whirley Hanging Candleholders because, well look! (Maaaa-gic)



I also love plants, and want this in my yard now! Teardrop Vase and Beaker Vase.



Oh, and there was this Washing Machine Hamper. Ridiculous!


Do you have a CB2 near you? Or are you Ike me and have to admire them from afar?

Nikki Kelly


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  1. One opened a couple of blocks from my apartment last year (or so). I freaking love it! I also want everything there!

  2. Clearly I'm catching up on old posts since this is from late last year. I LOVE CB2 and have been very happy with the quality. We have two sofas from there and love them. I also have the teardrop vases and hanging tea lights which are some of my favorite simple accessories.

  3. Hi Nikki, I feel for you. I love the junction dresser as well, the only problem is the budget :( ... but check if the have walking sale like here in DC. I got them for 60% discount on it.


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