My Name is Nikki, and I'm a Blogger?

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Is there anyone else out there that is slightly embarrassed to tell the people in our actual lives that they blog? I'm not really sure why I get nervous about sharing this part of myself with people. Maybe I'm nervous that I'll be judged or laughed at or I'll be that girl that talks way too much about herself. It's seems a little irrational. I mean, everyone that knows me knows that I'm a crazy cat lady, love crafty fun times, and enjoys working on our house more that most of the dudes I know. So why should I be nervous about telling them that I also keep a blog about it all? So, in an effort to own my status as someone who blogs and meet other like minded people I went to a small local blogger event last Thursday. The event was put on by Lexy of The Propoer Pinwheel and Erin of Art Social. Oh, and I didn't really take many pictures while I was there (too busy crafting) so I grabbed some from the Instagram tag #EatDrinkCreate.


Photo by: @rebeccacaridad

Photo by: @westelmdenver


I wasn't really sure what to expect. I just saw a little announcement for it a few weeks back in my IG feed and signed up. I didn't drag any friends along with me so I was all alone going into this, which made me pretty nervous. But Lexy was so nice and welcoming! Before I knew it I was being hugged. Btw, I don't mind hugs, I'm just not an initiator of hugs. Once some more people showed up I started to chat with a couple of ladies around me and then we started working on the evenings craft activity. These little fringe covered lanterns were perfect!



I loved seeing all the color combinations that everyone was coming up with. Most of the ladies at my table were a little bit jealous of the table with the silver fringe. They were basically making disco balls.



All these ladies were so nice to meet. I still have yet to check out all the different blogs that they write, but hopefully I'll have some time to do that soon.


Photo by: @theproperpinwheel

Photo by: @anneiam

Photo by: @theproperpinwheel



So much fun! Lexy said she is planning to have these fun events quarterly, which I am totally on board with. I always get secretly jealous of other blogs in different parts of the country where they have a good group of bloggers that do things together. It just looks like so much fun. At the end of the day I'm so happy I went to the Eat Drink Create party at West Elm last week, I even signed up for another event that's going on at Ikea next weekend that's being put together by the Denver Craft Ninjas.


Oh, I almost forgot. Swag bag!



Nikki Kelly


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  1. Looks like a fun event. Great job pushing yourself past your comfort level. That is hard to do. I actually haven't blogged in a long time because it became weird to talk to people in real life about what I did on my blog. So lame, I need to get over it and get back to blogging (that way I can get some projects done :-)

    1. Yes! I love that blogging pushes me to do projects on a more regular basis, so its totally worth it!


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