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Last weekend Matt and I found ourselves driving out to the airport after a quick stop at his office. With this off the beaten path route I suggested we pick up some lunch at a place that we had only been to once, but have talked about many times before. The Über Sausage. The first time we saw this place was after a less than thrilling dinning experience at a Moroccan restaurant that I won't bother naming. We went with our friends Mike and Ali (whom we do a lot of hanging out with) during restaurant week back in February. It was so bad at one point Mike said he wished that dessert was a quarter pounder from McDonalds. Anyway, we saw this place on our way home and the jokes ensued.



As funny as the thought as hipsters chowing down on sausages in skinny jeans and fake prescription glasses is, we were all intrigued. Sadly for us The Über Sausage is nowhere near our houses. It's on Colfax (dodgey street where you can always find a hooker) kinda close to Colorado, and we live, well ummm, not there. Anyway the guys that were working there were super friendly last weekend and I just love the industrial slash woodsy look they have going on.



Their menu isn't very big, but somehow it took the couple that was there before us 15 minutes to mull everything over. Thankfully they asked us to go ahead of them, don't mind if I do.



This is the Tijuana Dog aka Matt's lunch. That is one fancy looking sausage! One might even call it gourmet.


I, of course, having the sophisticated palate of a kindergartener ordered the Mac & Cheese dog off of the kids menu. Apparently it's much smaller so I got two sausages in my sandwich, and it was delicious! Think of a cheddwurst but much better!

So, if you happen to find yourself dodging a skanky prostitute (or not) on Colfax I would highly suggest ducking into The Über Sausage. Speaking of hookers, Ali (remember? The one I was talking about earlier) just launched her first etsy shop, Mile High Hooker! So far it's hats, but she is a crocheting fool so be on the look out for more stuff. Maybe I will strong arm her into doing a giveaway here, she owes me!



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P.S. I was not paid or perked for writing this post. I just enjoy sharing some of my random Denver adventures.


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