DIY Changing Topper

11:52 AM


Last week I mentioned that I finished the changing topper for this desk that goes with the dresser I made over and gave to my sister, and now you'll actually get to see it. It all started out when I was painting that dresser, I looked over to a dark and unorganized corner of the garage (who am I kidding, the whole garage is dark and unorganized) and saw this lovely scene. Lets see, there's some mostly empty bags of potting soil, a punching bag, some pots, a few air compressor accessories, and I thing there's a razor for scraping things. All in all this screams "put your naked baby on top of me and change their diaper" right?



After a quick text to Sarah to see if it would be helpful/wanted, oh and a few weeks until it was warm enough to workin the garage again, I attacked it with my sander and pneumatic paint sprayer. I sure do love that thing!



In between coats of paint I worked on creating a box to sit on the top of the desk to hold the still to be purchased changing pad. I started with four boards to go around the desk top.



Then I ran them through my table saw with the blade just barely above the surface to carve out a little channel. I did this on all four boards so that I could slide a piece of really thin plywood in there. So when the changing top is sitting on the desk the thin plywood is on the desk top and the boards are just outside of the desk top. This will keep the thing from sliding around without having to nail or screw it into place, thus keeping the desk function perfectly intact for later.



Once the topper was assembled and stained I wanted to give it a little try out. With the adorable little embroidered art as well. Too bad baby Ellie's room isn't in my studio. Oh, and I still have yet to paint the handles, I ran out of paint after spraying the ones for the dresser.



So, I've got some more things to share hopefully later this week! But until then here is a little sneak peak.


I'm so excited spring is finally here! You?


Nikki Kelly


P.S. did anyone notice that I am not on my own domain? I feel so legit now. Too legit to quit, actually!

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  1. Adorable changing table. I think you may be the best aunt ever. And congrats on the domain!! It does make you feel legit.

  2. Great job on the changing table. I found your blog when searching for the birch stencil. I absolutely love your yellow stenciling. It is awesome. I am also in Denver/Littleton-so great to find a local blog. Keep up the good work.

    1. Yay for local bloggers! I really do love this stencil btw. Ive used it twice in our house and if it wouldn't be weird to keep using it all over I would.


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