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Ok, I promise to get back to projects and stuff soon. School isn't really all that difficult but it has been time consuming. In the mean time please enjoy this post about our recent trip to the Stranahan's Whiskey distillery.

So this last weekend was our friend Justin's birthday, and his lovely lady wife set up some fun adult activities. One of them being a tour of the Stranahan's Whiskey distillery. It's a free tour, but you might need to make reservations. Along with a tour and explanation of how they make their whiskey there's a celebratory shot for everyone at the end. Jenna and I were so excited about it that we immediately broke out into song; shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, everybody! Apparently no one was as excited as us and everyone in our tour group was looking at us like we were a bunch of weirdos. Whatev's, let the tour begin!

The first stop was where they start everything. I really don't remember what all these things are, but I think this is where they make the mash(?). I do however remember what the difference between whiskey and bourbon is, which was explained during this portion of the tour. Are you ready to find out? It's corn! The grain mixture used to make bourbon is at least 51% corn. The more you know.....


Again, I really don't remember much of the process for making whiskey so I hope you didn't find this post by searching "how to make whiskey", because you will be sorely disappointed. I wish that was a real whirl pool.



This is where they ferment all their future whiskey. Apparently the process to make whiskey is very similar to making beer.




Here's another big metal thing. Actually I remember what this one is called, it's a combination pot column still. Duh! I bet those hillbillies from Moonshiners would love to get their hands on one of these.



This was the last stop as far as making whiskey goes. Here, our guide explained that they only use the middle of...well, I actually don't know. But apparently they have some waste product that has a really high proof that one of the guys that works at the distillery uses to fuel his retrofitted motorcycle. Apparently it's the stuff that bottom shelf whiskey company's re-distill to make bottom shelf whiskey, hence the bottom shelf category.



After the distilling process it's ready to be barreled and aged. All of their whiskey is put into brand new white oak barrels that have been burnt on the inside. The charred wood gives the whiskey it's color and flavor. Then it just sits in here for two years. Needless to say there were a lot of barrels o' whiskey just hanging out in here.



Quick, what movie is this from? "Whiskey, all you want!"



The second to last stop was probably the least interesting, just look at us. I think Dave (the giant) actually fell asleep for a minute.



However Matt and Justin were able to get some enjoyment out of the bottling room.



And Jenna snuck in this cute photo op.



Once we were done with our shenanigans we had to quickly catch up with the rest of our group in the tasting room.



Shots! Shots, shots, shots.... Ok, it was really just one shot for each of us.



Also, it was a fancy guided tasting. First we were instructed to smell it. Funny, it smells just like Matt after happy hour.



Then we held it up to the light, like so.



Even though I really don't care for whiskey I finished my shot. I was the only lady in our group of friends to do so, Matt was very happy about that.



Happy birthday Justin!



Nikki Kelly


PS: This post wasn't sponsored or anything awesome like that. Although if they wanted to give me (aka Matt the whiskey lover in the house) a bottle of whiskey, I wouldn't turn it down!


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  1. What a fun night! I am a scotch lover but I do enjoy a good whiskey too. I wish we had something like that here.

    1. You should go next time your here for work. I bet you could get some co-workers to do a tour with you!

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