DIY Antler Jewelry Display

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Do you guys remember that time I showed you what my turd of a bedroom looks like in hopes of winning an awesome room makeover that I inevitably did not win? One of the (many) things I complained about in our room was my lack of jewelry storage. I had all my necklaces hanging on my just about as old as me Harley Davidson piggy bank. Yes, my dad was into Harley's back in the day (maybe I will share my new born picture on Instagram). Anyway, while I was looking at my room through the eyes of someone who is sharing their turdy bedroom with the internets at large this idea popped into my head:

It's an antler! With necklaces and rings on it! And silver leafed points! I love it! It was, however, quite a long time between conception and execution. The problem is that antler sheds are not exactly easy to find for a reasonable price. I have literally been on the lookout for some cheap antlers since last fall. I found some smaller mounted antlers (with a chunk of scull still attached = gross) for around $40 at the antique mall, and there were some single sheds there too but they were usually $20. I even discovered a Native American craft store in town that had some for around the same price. So instead of spending $20 an antler, I just told a couple of people that I was looking for antlers. After months with no antlers falling into my lap Ali (BFF) came through with an antler she picked up at an estate sale. I think she said it was something like $3. Here's her cat Doc in between trying to eat it. Dummy.

Now that I had an antler, its on to the actual doing of the project! Here's my stuff; tape, silver leaf, spray adhesive, grocery bag*, picture hanging hardware*, Polycrylic*. (*not in picture)

I taped off the the antler so I could just spray the points and then stabbed them through a grocery bag like this. The grocery bag is just so I didn't have to tape off the whole antler.

After a quick shot of spray adhesive on all the points (outside) I started applying the silver leaf. If you've ever used these leaf products you are probably aware that they're messy. If not, now you do. That's why this picture is so terrible. There were silver flecks floating around the air every time I moved, so once I got the points lightly covered I stepped back outside to dust off the rest with a crappy blush brush from Forever 21. I also slapped a light coat of Polycrylic over the whole antler to protect the silver leaf and bring out some color in the antler.

While I failed to take pictures of the other outdoor activities, here's one that I did get. If you are like me and don't want creepy dried up deer marrow dust inside you house then just do your antler drilling outside. To pick the placement of my hardware I just laid the antler on its back on the table and put it close to where the antler was resting naturally and low enough so I couldn't see the hardware from the front. Don't over think this part, it doesn't really matter that much.

Two little screws later and my antler was officially no longer a gross antler, but had transformed into a beautiful jewelry display!

See? I'm mostly a necklaces and rings type of girl, which, as you can see it holds both quite nicely.

Yay for DIY necklaces! As you can see I did in fact get around to fixing my bubble necklace, I used some tiger tail (thanks Lizzie!) and it worked like a charm.

My Swarovski inspired necklace with beads I got while we were in Ouray last summer.

My copper ring from Seattle.

My quartz ring from Santa Fe, and a bone ring Ali picked up for me in Europe. I think it's made from the bones of poorly behaved children (maybe, probably not).

Sea shell ring collection!

I don't have a ton of jewelry, but I just love the stuff I do have. Now I have a way to enjoy them even when I'm not wearing them.

What kinds of jewelry displays do you have/want in your room? Do you think antlers are gross? Do you have any that you want to get rid of? I'll take more!

Nikki Kelly

Oh, and because this project is just that awesome, I'm linking up here:

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  1. I am rethinking about hanging them in Camp Wannadrinka, this came out SO good!!!

  2. Antlers are all the rage for dogs right now (in place of a bone), so don't be so quick to call that cat a dummy!

    Also - super cute idea. Love it!

    1. Haha! well that cat is a dummy for plenty of other reasons. Maybe thats why I had such a difficult time finding cheap antlers.

      Dear dog treat makers, can you save a few antlers for me?

  3. Very creative and it looks great! I just made an organizer for my bracelets recently. I would love it if you checked it out on my blog:


  4. Couple of things. First, I truly enjoy how you worked the word turd into more than one sentence. Second, you're so creative that it's irritating. Third, I LOVE that this hold RINGS TOO!!! Love, love, love!

    1. Well it is a big turd sandwich of a bedroom. We don't even have a real bed frame. Also, rings are my favorite type of jewelry so of course it has to hold rings. When are you going to plan a mountain vacation (for Ryan of course) so we can go to ikea together and make crafty things?

  5. Such a clever and cute idea Nikki! Love it a lot!


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