Hey Girl, Hey!

2:27 PM

So I noticed that a lot of people are making their own hey girl memes today with pictures of their boos, and well I wanted to too. If you made some, leave me a link in the comments, I think they are hilsome. So, without further adieu.





Just to be fair to Mr. Jones, he has never said any of these things. When I took that picture of him in my craft room he was very adamant that I mention that he was building and not crafting. Anyways, here's to the man I love with all my heart on this especially mushy day. I love you honey bear!

Nikki Kelly


PS I just figured out why everyone is doing hey girl memes. There's an awesome linky party going on here!


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  1. HA! Building and not crafting... And thanks for the link to the defs page! Hilsome - it's a goodie.

    1. It's the perfect word for this situation. Hilarious and awesome!

  2. Those are hilarious!!!! I did a "hey Girl" but I had to take Ryan Gosling to the party 'cause my husband would have literally killed me if I used his photo. Thanks so much for sharing these clever memes.

    1. Yeah, I didn't really consult with him, so we'll see how he likes them.

  3. Tell Mr. Jones, real men craft!

    Thanks for joining in on the fun.


  4. These are hilarious! I think the second one is my favorite!


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