The Pains of Borrowing Tools

1:15 PM

Now that the floors and that pesky moulding between the railing spindles are done, Matt and I decided to return our ever wandering attention back to the dry bar. So if you thought we just weren't sharing, we weren't. Our remodeling ADD just prevents us from doing a project start to finish without distractns. Anyway, this weekend we started the back splash. After installing the countertop I mentioned thinking the tile we had picked out was too dark, but we are just going with it anyway. Hopefully the lighting and other stuff will keep this little cubby hole bright. With that in mind, here's a look at the box of tile we needed to purchase to get 'er done. We only needed seven tiles, a box has eight, that means we have one oops tile just to be safe.



Here's all the other stuff. Spacers, mortar trowel, bla bla bla. First thing was to tape down some paper to keep any messes from ruining our beautiful butcher block countertop. Oh, and those little bits of tape at the very front are to mark out where the studs are. That's what we like to call "thinkin' with your dip stick".



Here I am in my awesome novelty facial hair styles t-shirt. It was the best $2.50 I've ever spent at Urban Outfitters.



We maintained the same brick laying pattern on the walls to keep things uniform. Back when I installed the floors I just cut our remaining tiles in halfsies so we could return the tile saw to Matt's friend. Bad news is we need to rip some more tile to finish the partial top row. We are all but finished with the tile, so this weekend we will cut those last three pieces, install them, and grout. Then I'll give you a backsplash reveal. How's that sound?


Oh, and we still have yet to decide what to do for upper storage. So far we've nixed the cabinets idea, and we are exploring some floating shelf ideas. I'll be sure to let you know. Oh, and I think the next bar project (at least I hope it's next) is to get those decanter lights made and installed! I'm really excited about that part. Anyways, what kind of projects have you been thisclose to finishing but couldnt because you needed just one little thing?



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  1. Dude. I freaking LOVE those tiles. LOVE THEM!! I think they look awesome!

  2. Hi there! I stumbled across your blog today and had to comment on your name. My blog is called "I'm Busy Procrastinating," so I love your name, of course! And I have project ADD too, so I'm always starting new things before finishing others. Drives The Mr. crazy. :)


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