I'm Having a Niece!

11:29 AM

My newest Pinterest board, Baby Kelly, created a little bit of a hullabaloo recently. As in some "are you pregnant?" comments. Secretly (ok I guess it's not a secret if I tell everyone) I did that just to get a rise out of my friend Ali.


Jenna, of the tank dress failure fame, was the first to notice. Lucky for me she also likes playing tricks on people.



But of course being the Pinterest addict that we all are Ali eventually noticed.



I just like to cuss with her head. Anyway, today my sister, her name is Sarah btw, found out that she's having a little girl. I'm pretty sure she was hoping for a boy, but girls are just so dang cute and adorable.



Well, and girls just kinda runin our family. See?



I'm one of five sisters. So, at least there is plenty of baby girl experience to be had. Anyway, the reason for the board and excitement is because Sarah needs some help with her room. She recently moved back in with our parents so that she could go back to school and will have to share a room with the baby. It's not the smallest room, I think there's plenty of room for all the necessities, but it will need a fair amount of work. I went over yesterday to measure the space and start talking about colors. Here's a quick and dirty layout of the room.



I'm sure it is no where near to scale, but you get the idea. Closet, door, window done. Oh, and I didn't take any pictures yet, Sarah would probably want to clean up a little before that happens. So, stay tuned over the next few months to see what we come up with.


Oh! I'm also guest posting at The Hip Soirée today! Lizzie, the writer of The Hip Soirée, is pretty hilsome and we would totally be friends if it weren't for us living in different states. And she is an awesome cat lady!


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  1. I'm glad that i could entertain your readers "." Congrats Sarah!

  2. Baby girls have much better clothes.

  3. Haha! I love the trickery! And congrats on having a niece! How fun!

  4. I love everything about this post.

  5. Yay! I have four nieces and they are hilarious and wonderful! (Nephews are cool too)

    1. Yes, it's pretty exciting! I just think little girls are the best things ever.


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