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This weekend was kinda lame. It was the kind where you have made plans to get a good chunk of things done (which you're excited about) and then at the end, you've got nothing to show for it. Let me explain. Last weekend Matt and I tackled most of the bars back splash. Since we couldn't finish the whole thing we also spent some time brainstorming about our upper storage conundrum. After a fair amount of googling and chatting we decided to do some floating shelves. Particularly the high gloss grey LACK shelf from Ikea. But we also wanted to chop off a little bit of it to make it fit into our design a little better. So we made our first trip of the weekend to Ikea on Saturday morning, picked up the shelf, and ran home to continue brainstorming.



Once we got home and tore open the plastic, we quickly figured out that our plan wasn't going to work. That reason being we wanted the shelf to be smaller than the mounting bracket. Well onto plan #2, keep the shelf intact and mount it quite a bit higher and then get two smaller 1'x1' shelves in the same color to mount below the longer one. Those two white pieces of foam board are taped up as reference and then just imagine the longer one centered above the highest one. We think the top one would be a nice place to store a little wine, and if we put one of those strips of led lights at the back it wouldnt be too dark. On the smaller shelves we could just accessorize with bar paraphernalia.



Here, I made a terrible doodle ove the last picture to help. Those green dots are bottles of wine, obvs! The sparkly things are my still to be made decanter pendants, and then we thought we would just get a cute little tray to keep our booze in right beneath them. Oh, and maybe hang some art or a cool mirror in the empty portion.



Well, during our second trip to Ikea Sunday morning, we learned that they do not make a 1'x1' LACK shelf in high gloss grey. It only comes in black, green, or white. Boo. Oh, and we didn't get ahold of Matt's friend that lent us his tile saw until after the Bronco game started, which means these tiles will sit in my car for another week waiting to be cut.



On the bright side, after a little more searching I found these shelves from the Container Store that might work. I need to drag the longer one from Ikea over there to compare color, fingers crossed. So after all that, we didn't get one thing done. Unless you count learning that Ikea doesn't sell 1'x1' LACK shelves in high gloss grey. Have you had a disappointing diy weekend lately? How about awesome plans that were thwarted by something not existing?


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  1. Decanter pendants??!! That sounds AWESOME!!! And I love your drawing. Awesome.

    1. Yes, you read that right! I have two decanters that I had the bottoms cut off of and now we just need an electrician to add some wiring to the closet! I'm so excited I can almost taste the sophistication we will have once our fancy pants bar is finished.


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