Yes, More Hardwood Floors

3:09 PM

Remember back in January when I told you about the dry bar and our loft plans? Well now that the bar is half finished it seems like a perfect time to start on the loft. And by start on the loft I mean laying some hard wood floors. Yay!!! Here's the loft right before we started tearing the gross carpet out.

Just incase you didn't notice the what I can only assume are gross pee stains left by the previous owners dogs I took another picture so you could see it in all it's stinky glory. Oh, and see that little black spot by the brick? That's where Barbara left a foot print after climbing up onto the chimney flue. My cat is weird.

Once we pulled the carpet, tack strips, base boards, and 1,000,000,000 staples out of the floor we were just about ready for this!

Once we were ready to start we had to address some obstacles in our loft and hallway. It's got a fireplace in the middle of what would be a wall if this were a room, it connects to the hallway without a doorway, and the drywall between the railing is all gross and crumbling. So we decided that starting in the middle would be the most logical. Well not really the middle, but right up next to the railing.

See what I mean? Once we finish laying the floors we'll come back with some base board trim and mount it upside down so that the bottom is flush with the top of the floor.

Oh, and of course our hearth isn't square. This frame around the fireplace was the bane of my existence for a few days. Ok, it may have been a little better if we had all the right tools, but I'm working with a battery powered circular saw for all my cutting needs. If that doesn't make you pity me yet then listen to this, we only have one battery that constantly needs to be charged. Awesome right? My advice to you would be to never get a battery powered circular saw. Or if you have one, break it so that you have to get a regular one.

Once I was past the fireplace frame Matt swept in to help with the easy stuff (as in stapling the boards to the floor {fun part} and making me do all the cuts{not so fun part}). He likes to avoid the more meticulous stuff, but I kinda enjoy it.

To start working down the hall we had to put two groove sides facing each other. Usually you would use a spline in the grooves, but the last time I needed one I had to drive like 20 minutes to get it. Being the lazy person that I am I had the brilliant idea to try using a dowel. I bought one square one and some round ones.

The square one in size green work perfectly! I just needed to tap it in with a hammer.

We are a little further along than the pictures show, right up to the stairs actually. But that is a whole new obstacle to deal with. Hopefully in addition to celebrating my birthday we can finish the hallway. I'm tired of how gross the floor feels under my bare feet. Once we finish the hall then we can finish the loft. Then new base boards, AND THEN we can do some built in shelving! Yay.

Are you doing any celebrating this weekend? Or does any body have a birthday this weekend? Oh, and if you're so inclined I would love a cake batter flavored Rice Crispy Treat cake.....with sprinkles!

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