Cats Love Catwalks

6:19 PM

It feels like we've been working on these floors for forever! It's not really because it's hard to do, in fact it's actually kinda easy once you get a good method down. It's really because we have just been working in little chunks over many weekends. Last time you saw this project I mentioned that we were going to finish the hallway/catwalk before finishing the loft. Well we finished that a few weeks ago but I've been waiting to update you guys until we were close to finishing. I am now happy to say that there are a measly 5 rows of wood left to be laid in the loft (huzzah!), so look for a reveal next week.

Anyway, back to the catwalk. For most of the catwalk we have just been butting the ends of the wood up to the spindles and that was working just fine. That is until we came to the stair case. With two sides of exposed ends we needed the cuts to look perfect. So we started each row at a bullnose piece we had ordered for the stair ledge. That piece has a groove in it for the tongue of the flooring to go right into, which will keep things more solid. Since we would have to cut the other side we decided to lay the flooring first, and then cut the excess off all at once like you would when building a deck. Oh, and if you could please excuse my gross bulging veins on my hand I would very much appreciate it. Cutting is serious, vein bulging business!

See? Even my forehead veins are popping out, just like Julia Roberts when she has a serious scene in a movie. Oh, and this is also the face I make whilst cutting short hair. Well except for the bulging forehead veins.

To keep the wood from splintering and give me a line to follow with my saw I used some tape. Worked like a charm, but now I've misplaced the rest of the roll. Ugh, painting tape is stupidly expensive for what it is. $7 a roll? Really? It's tape!

Missing tape aside the cats love the new catwalk. Bahahaha, I couldn't help my self. I still have the door transitions to do, but I'll do them when we're done with the loft.

*Sniff Sniff*

This is where I left off before leaving for Seattle. I probably could have finished it but I ran out of underlayment and couldn't be bothered with purchasing more.

So cross your fingers that we finally put this project on the done list this weekend. I'm so tired of all the sawdust everywhere, I can't wait to put this room back together! So, tell me what project you've drug out for way too long.

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  1. GORGEOUS! I LOVE the color. And bulging veins... If I had to do work like you're doing, I think my veins would bulge to the point of stroking out.

  2. The entire upstairs of our house is a large room- we've been making it the master bedroom for a year now. A YEAR. I think its easy to procrastinate on because its out of the way & hidden. So I'm not embarrassed when people come over LOL. Looks so good- you're inspiring me to get my ass in gear!


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