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As promised here are some after shots of the loft now that we have finished laying the hardwood floors in. They are really the only thing that is pretty in here. If you were holding back your true feelings about those curtains, don't. I hate them. They let in next to no light, the dark color doesn't help with keeping any heat from the sun out, and they look like they're made from the same fabric that cargo shorts are made from. I hate cargo shorts. We've been buying a set of those Vivvian panels from Ikea each time we are there, and I think this room is next.


As you may notice, we still need to install baseboards. And if you were here IRL you would also notice that we kinda need to touch up the paint. Or just repaint with a new color. I'm not really a fan of this color.

Curtains and wall color aside, we are pretty pleased with how well this all turned out.



I even got one of the door transitions done. Well kinda. It's not glued in, but I want to wait until we paint the door jamb before doing that.



Finishing the floors finally led to this weekends project. Remember last year when we painted the railing upstairs? Well before putting everything back in its place we removed the carpet that was wrapped in between each spindle.



Which left crumbly gross drywall exposed. For a whole year.

Ugh, well we finally took care of this. We used some simple baseboards and cut them to fit between the spindles.

The process was a little slow going. We had to measure and cut each opening. I am pretty surprised at the variation in size, we had some as small as 4 3/4" and some as large as 5 5/16", and that's not including the obviously smaller ones.



We started next to the fireplace because we only bought twelve feet of trim and I wanted the space around the tv to look nice if we didn't finish this weekend. Priorities people.



I also figured out that I didn't like trying to place my piece of trim, hold it in place and affix said trim with the nail gun all while balancing on a ladder. So I had my hunky assistant, Matt do the shooting while I sat upstairs holding the trim in place.



Within two short sessions of measuring, cutting, and shooting we had finished the whole thing!



I love how clean it makes the whole thing look now. Even with the painstaking process of caulking and touching up the paint we have ahead of us. Btw, do you like our idea of cord management?



Real cute! So, what's been staring you in the face for the longest? Oh, and speaking of long overdue trim, check out the wall in the very back of this picture. I finally finished the baseboards on the main floor this weekend!


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  1. So, I just found your blog today {I'm a new follower} and have been looking through your posts. Your house looks so fun! I'm totally jealous!
    -Ameryn Marie

  2. Hi there! I'm a new follower and was hoping you could tell me where you purchased your flooring? Looks great!

    1. Hi Jessica! The floors we have are from Lumber Liquidators, they're the Virginia Mill Works brand. The color is called Tuscan Oak, but the last time we purchased wood it was being discontinued. I wouldn't completely count it out though, it's the second time it's been discontinued, so you never know. Good luck!


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