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I've mentioned a few times that I was in Seattle two three weekends ago, and I'm finally getting around to sharing. I wasn't there for very long, just the weekend really, but what I did see was quite awesome. My most favorite thing while we were there was the Public Market on Pike Place. They had soooo many beautiful flowers, lots of gorgeous fresh produce, and pretty (but gross) fish. This area is also home to the original Starbucks. It's pretty small and had a line out the door and down the street each time we came by.

Wile I was wandering through the market I spotted this awesome handmade copper ring that I just had to have. There were silver versions as well, but I thought the copper was more unique and interesting, green fingers be damned!


I also picked up some lovely flowers from the market. Each bouquet was only $5! That's just crazy talk in my book. Flowers in Colorado barely exsist and therefore their cost is jacked up accordingly. These dahlias have inspired me to make one of one big ones made out of rolled up pieces of paper. Well, maybe someday.

My next favorite things were not so much one thing, but an awesome collection of quirkiness. I saw a sign near the market pointing us to the gum wall. A wall covered in gum, much like the late Gum Tree of origional Elitch Gardens. It was really cool to look at, but I did not touch a thing for fear of contracting Contagion. Then there was this open area in the downtown area (I am only assuming) with blue trees! They were living, but their trunks had been painted or something. Scattered around the blue trees were silver asexual people. Some were standing, and some were just having a sit on the bench. I'm not really sure where the sewing machines were, I was too distracted by the hundreds of antique sewing machines on display to even pay attention to the name. Seriously, hundreds. This is only one of the windows, and then there were more lining the back wall of the store. It was amazing! Oh, and now I'm on the look out for a Jones sewing machine.



We walked around a park that was part of the local Art Museum, and while we were there there was a massive Yoga thing going on. There was a DJ, and Naked Juice was handing out premium juices. Unfourtunatly they were only giving juice out to yoga participants and since I wasn't carrying a yoga mat, no juice for me. Oh, and while we were wandering around I spotted the most amazing roof top terrace I've ever see from the ground. At least I can imagine its amazingness with all those big trees up there. I would totally live there if I was a Seattle resident.


When visiting Seattle, I think you're pretty much obligated to visit the Space Needle. I mean, how could you not? It's pretty awesome with all of its retro goodness.
Up on the obversation level there was a bunch of old Space Needle merchandise that was really fun to look at.
To be honest, I kinda like looking at the Space Needle more than actually being in the Space Needle. maybe it's just me, but I loved catching glimpses of it all over town.

We also took a ferry to one of the islands. I can't remember which one, I am sure it started with a "B" though. I was pretty shocked at how cold it was out on the water even though it was super warm on land.


Once we made it to "B" island we ate some lunch, then explored some nature. I love how the woods in Seattle make you feel like you're in a fairy tale. The tree canopy made the trails look so mysterious. There were blackberries growing wild everywhere too.
Like I said though, I just loved seeing the Space Needle peaking at you no matter where ever you were. So much so that I took way too many pictures of it.



Oh, and this thing made me feel like I was in Gotham City. Well, if the Space Needle was in Gotham.



I've got a week of vacation time left to use before the end of the year, but I'm not sure what to do or where to go. Any suggestions? Oh, and to anyone that is familiar with Matt's collection of Starbucks mugs, guess how many he bought while in Seattle.



5! He got one that's not in this picture for his brother, Nate. In all fairness the plastic tumbler is for me, but who knew there were so many collectors edition mugs for one store?


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  1. Looks like you had so much fun! Seattle is a pretty special city! Glad you enjoyed it! PS- The island you went to is called Bainbridge Island. :)


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