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This weekend I got an odd little collection of things done. Sadly, neither of them is a complete blog post because I either forgot a before picture or an after. I guess I was just too excited about the fact that things were actually happening that I was a little lazy with the documentation. That won't stop me from giving you a run down though. First up, is this crusty little dresser. Forgive me for not getting a true before picture. This is after sanding and a few passes of paint on the top.




I had been planning on giving this dresser to my sister since she moved back home. She was just a little pregnant when I offered it to her and I had a air compressor that hadn't been run over by someone. Now she has a month old baby and I was just getting started. Thanks to my dads awesome skillz we were able to bring my little air compressor back to life. This shot doesn't look too bad, but its a little off in person. It's like my own little Frankenstein.



After about four hours the dresser was looking a lot less crusty and spent the rest of the weekend drying.



Just look at that smooth paint job! I have really missed using my paint sprayer while my air compressor was out of commission. It's just perfect! Oh, and if your look past the top of the dresser you can see the desk that goes with it for an idea of what it looked like before I started.



And because I didn't want to put these dingy brass handles back on I gave them a bunch of coats of black spray paint.



Wanna see the after? Well, you're going to have to wait. Maybe a while. I already took it down to my sister on Monday. Since having little Ellie the amount of stuff in her room has gotten out of control. She called me a week or two ago asking for me to come help her organize and sift through her stuff, so that was my Monday. I was planing on posting about that, but it was just too chaotic! I know that makes for dramatic before and after pictures, but I didn't want to do that to my sister. Besides, we are not even close to finished. I'm planning on giving that desk the same treatment and possible adding a topper so it can be a changing table. We also want to paint her room and pretty it up a bit, so there's plenty of time for before-ish and afters!


Just to satisfy the after portion of this post here is the mantle we installed in the dining room this weekend.



It's just like the floating mantle we installed in the living room, which is on the other side. And just incase you're asking, there are no progress or before shots. Ha!



Now that the fireplace downstairs has mantles on both sides that just leaves the loft fireplace. It has a dumb one on it right now, but it's held up with 4 tiny screws and looks like it belongs in a gingerbread house. You can just see it in the top of this picture from when we finished the flooring up there. Basically this is your last shot at asking detailed questions about how we installed our floating beam mantle. Just leave me a comment.



Alright, me and my partially functioning brain are going to start planning our next project (Winter Pinterest Challenge!) before we forget something else. What are you working on?


Nikki Kelly


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