This is Embarassing

2:17 PM

**Update! Voting is happening now! Click here for more info.**

This is our master bedroom. The place you go to unwind and relax. A place where all your stresses from the day melt away. Calming. Soothing. Comforting.

Ugh, I wish! As you can see our room looks like what you might find in a crappy dorm room, except its bigger and we have nice floors. The saddest part of all is that we have actually put a fair amount of work into this room. It started out like this.

And then it looked like this.
Before finally ending up like this.

And then we pretty much moved our stuff in and gave up. We've got no headboard, or and sort of real bed frame.

Our bed side tables are terrible!!!!!

Our dressers are not that much better.

Even our dirty clothes are ashamed to be in our room.

If I'm not being blinded by the lighting in our room,

I'm catching the glare from our under dressed windows.

Even Barbara dreams of a better life. And if looking at this wasn't enough to make you want to cry....


then just look to the other side of the room for twice the fun!

This is where a glimmer of hope arrives.


Mandi is doing another Epic Room Makeover! I really need to be the winner here, so here's how its going to go down.
1. Starting September 7th (not this Friday but the next Friday) you're going to go vote for my room on her blog.
2. After you've cast your vote you're going to harass everyone you know via any way you can (Facebook Twitter, door to door) into voting for me.
3. Once the initial voting round has ended there's a "Plead Your Case" round of voting where I will need you to repeat steps 1 and 2.
Don't worry too much about remembering when this all needs to happen, I'll remind you. Sooo, can I count on you to help me get my room to Epic status? (please say yes)


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  1. Well, it is big and you have closet space. Our room is 9 1/2 foot square and no closet. Count yourself blessed.

  2. After seeing your first picture I was all "THAT'S NOT THAT BAD!" But then you showed everything up close... I truly enjoyed the real view of your bedside table as there is a constant pile of clothes next to my side of the bed at all times. Your picture made me not feel so bad.

    All that being said, I will shout your need for a makeover from the mountain tops. Because no self-respecting adult should have those white Target thingies as a bedside table. AT LEAST an upgrade to Ikea is called for. LOL.

    1. I can't lie anymore, this is AFTER I spent about 15 minutes cleaning up. Just take 25% of those clothes out of the hamper and sprinkle them around. Add some shoes here and there, and some crumpled up receipts here and there. Maybe I should have left it as it was. If I don't win this I may actually have to take care of this myself!

  3. Nikki!!!Thank you SO MUCH for entering! We could work some serious magic in there! And your floors are amazing BTW. Good luck my love!!

    Love your guts

    1. Thank YOU for hosting such an awesome giveaway! I am so amped for this voting stuff to start already, here are a few facts to further entice you to come to my house.
      1. Me and my bf installed these hardwood floors ourselves.
      2. I got a table saw for my birthday.
      3. I am game to build ANYTHING!
      4. I have a tiny bit of experience with upholstry.
      I guess I should really save this stuff for the plead your case portion of the show, but I'm just so freaking excited!

  4. On the bright side, you do have great floors.

  5. I'm totally in love with your floors! You guys have done some serious work and I'm sure with Mandi's help this could be an absolutely amazing room! I entered too (#122), but if I don't win, I hope you're in the running! Good luck!

  6. I love this rom cause it has so much potential! Those floors are awesome! Good luck!


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