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6:54 AM

Todays the day! Um, well more like tonight is the day, or something like that (bahahahaha! I got this post ready yesterday so I could post it last night and then totally forgot. Oops). Anyway voting has officially begun for the Epic Room Makeover!



Remember last week when I bared my soul master bedroom for all the world to see?



Yeesh! Well I wasn't doing that just to make you feel better about whatever room you don't like in your house. I was selfishly entering a contest and am hoping you like me enough to do everything in your power to help me win. If you do need some ego boosting listen up, I CLEANED UP FOR LIKE 20 MINUTES BEFORE TAKING THESE PICTURES! Thats right, these pictures are how my room looks on a good day. I may have shot myself in the foot by cleaning, but nobody really needs to see our dirty laundry all over the place. Right now we are in the midst of the first round of voting. I'll number the steps to make it easier to follow.

  1. Click on this link right here! (don't worry about losing the steps, the link will open in another page)
  2. Find my entry titled "Too embarrassed to come up with something clever", it should be link #12.
  3. Click on the little star to vote!
  4. Abstain from voting for anyone else, that would be counterproductive, for me.
  5. Come back each day until the 15th and do it all over again. (you can vote once per IP address per day, as in if you have multiple computers, phones, tablets, etc. vote from each of them!)
  6. Harass your friends and family to vote for me too!
If you've made it to the end of the list you are awesome!

Just think how awesome this would look with an Epic Room Makeover.



There would probably be a headboard. Hopefully some better and much cooler lighting. Pretty jewelry organization. Furniture that actually enhances the space. A color scheme. Window treatments. And please oh please, something to break up the wall-o-mirrors that is our closet.



As you might have figured out by now, I'm pretty desperate. We have so many other things in our house that have taken our time, energy, and not to mention money that our bedroom is at the very bottom of the list. I'm not above pouting if I don't win, but I hope it doesn't come to that. Besides, it's what Mandi wants.


...and go!


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