Kinda Like a McGriddle Sandwich, But Different

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One of my favorite fictional people is Ron Swanson (who else could have a pyramid of greatness), and one of my favorite things that we have in common is that we both LOVE breakfast food.

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I love breakfast food so much that it's about the only food I get excited to actually cook. Yes, I do a fair amount of recipe pinning over on Pinterest, but let's be honest, I'm never going to make 99% of that stuff. But I just keep pinning yummy dinners and cupcakes in hopes that someone wants to start making these things for me. However I recently saw some Waffleized Cinnamon Rolls on @younghouselove's instagram feed and became obsessed. I've made them two weeks in a row now, but after the first time Matt had a brilliant suggestion. Make them into breakfast sandwiches. So that's what I did.

Go to the store and get this stuff.

Eggs, cheese, sausage (patties if you can find them) and canned cinnamon rolls. On second thought, don't get the grands kind. They get a little too fluffy, just stick with the normal ones.

Since I didn't get sausage patties I just made some just like you would make a hamburger, only tinier. Just a fair warning, it's kinda slimy and gross so just look for the frozen patties.

While the sausage is cooking, toss your cinnamon rolls into your waffle iron. I spaced mine out because I still wanted them to be round, just like my tiny sausage hamburger.

Once the rolls started cooking they started getting fluffy, so I squished them down with the top half of the waffle iron.

As far as the eggs go, an egg ring would be a nice kitchen gadget to have, but since I didn't have one I just made really thin scrambled eggs. Once they are ready to stir just start folding the edges over so it becomes a square like shape. Thats how they cook them at Chick-Fil-A.

And voila! Breakfast you can eat with your hands. Or if you're as enthusiastic about breakfast food as I am, breakfast, lunch, and dinner you can eat with your hands!

I'm not sure about the cherries, but I think Ron would approve.

Whats your favorite breakfast item? Have you ever made waffleized cinnamon rolls? Do you want to cook things from my food board for me? Please?

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  1. These look amazingly awesome! I had already seen waffleized cinnamon rolls this week and they sound great. We don't have canned cinnamon rolls here, but the next time I make homemade ones, I'll be sure to save one for the waffle iron. Or maybe save two, and make this scrumptious sandwich :)

  2. Oh man this looks awesome! Thanks for sharing!


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