Birch Tree Stencil round 2

3:23 PM

First and foremost, I want to apologize for the pictures in this post. This area in our house gets very little natural lighting and is very difficult to capture. With that being said, this first picture is probably the most accurate as far as color is concerned. Ok, not that I've got that out of the way, because I can't just work on one project at a time, this is what I've been working on in between working on the floors upstairs. I think all the practice from stenciling my studio really paid off. I started with the skinny little stencil that's ment to go near your ceiling (which would have been the better way to start my studio) and worked down from there.

If you're having a hard time figuring out where this might be let me tell you. It's in our stairway. We have a U shaped stair case and this wall is where the landing is. It's also a very tall area (roughly 16') that required us to purchase a new ladder. Oh, and see those old socks on the top? They are there because the black rubber feet things were leaving black scuff marks on the wall.

Haha, this is kinda funny. I hadn't cleaned the stencil off since before I started the second half of my studio and the paint was starting to build up. I've found the best way to clean it off is to just soak it in water in the bathtub until the paint loosens. Once the paint is all wrinkly just peel it off the stencil, if you're lucky you can get it off in one whole piece like this. It almost looks like another stencil, if your stencil was saggy and made out of latex paint.

After two separate sessions the wall was complete. The top half took a lot longer than the bottom, probably because I wasn't taking my life in my hands as much. This picture should also give you a better idea of the space too.

I also just love the way the bubble chandelier leaves these interesting shadows on the wall to. It makes the stairway look very dreamy!

Not that you haven't seen a close up of this stencil before yet, but I love how simple the subtle colors make this. Don't get me wrong, I love how my studio looks, but for something I will see at least a dozen times a day I like this much better!

Speaking of my studio, I've got some storage progress to show you soon, and we've made some good progress with the flooring too. Until then!

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  1. totally inspired me...I am ordering a stencil for our bathroom tomorrow.

  2. It looks so expensive! By expensive, I mean like you hired someone lol

  3. Oh it's gorgeous! I agree, that tone-on-tone action is great for a high traffic area. And I love your light as well.


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