2012 Parade of Homes Week 1

12:41 PM

So I know I'm a little late to see some of the Parade, but I was out of town last weekend. But since the Denver Parade of Homes only runs on the weekends until Labor Day I was pretty anxious to get out there and see some homes! I even dragged brought Matt with me, he says he likes it. oh, and since there are over 70 homes in this years Parade, I'm just going to show you the things I like. First up, decorative moulding in the bathroom.

I really liked the taller one on the right, but maybe if the one on the left wasn't so contrasting I might like it better. Oh, and speaking of bathrooms, look at this wallpaper! I love it. Navy and gold, what's not to love?

In less pretty but more interesting news, this house has a deconstruction zone. Apparently that means they left many areas unfinished on purpose. You know, so those of us that don't know whats really behind our walls can see the bigger picture.

If subfloors aren't your thing then feast your eyes on this floor! It's pretty drool worthy with being on the diagonal, but what might not be apparent is the size of the planks. They were probably 5 or 6 inches wide! I compared the span of my fingers and had to stretch to get my pinky and thumb to meet the edges. It was HUGE! I bet it made the instal go really fast too.

And while we are talking floors, I noticed a lot more tile floors in the living spaces. That is a little weird for me because tile is usually so cold. I'm sure the more expensive homes have the in floor heating, but it still seems so sterile. I know that it's more common in the southern reigions but you just don't see a lot of homes with wall to walk tile in Colorado. Oh, and I may or may not have done my best Rapunzel impression while at the top of the stairs. Could you blame me?

In other tile related favorites, I really like the tile treatment of this fireplace. I think the configuration is a little off, but the tile is so much nicer than just finished walls. If I had one of those lame tv cubbie holes over a fireplace I would totally use this as inspiration and tile the whole thing.

And I would probably look for one of these sweet bi-leveled coffee tables. Or make one, you know me!

Now I'm not really sure why, but I loved the walls in this office. The bottom color is a deep navy if it's hard to see, but I dig it! Maybe it's because I'm a little over the subtle horizontal stripes and this is kinda a new update on that. I'm not really sure.

Oh, and Matt was pretty excited to find Peyton Mannings room while we were doing the tour. It's a little girly for the Bronco QB1 in my opinion, but I guess we're all free to have our own opinions.

I just love walking through as many homes as I can, just trying to soak up inspiration. Does your city have a big parade of homes during the summer? Hopefully I'll have more for you next week, as long as we go see more homes and there's stuff that I like enough to share.

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  1. I agree about the TV cubbie holes being L-A-M-E!
    I can't wait to see your posts on the rest of the POH (I don't know if anyone actually abbreviates it).

  2. I don't like endless carpet, and tile is easier to clean. So count me as a yes to less carpet all over a house.

    1. Ugh, after ripping out carpet from two levels of our house I don't like it either. So gross to see what's lurking just below those little bits of yarn and tape!


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