Diagonal Hardwood Flooring Part II

10:03 AM

Well I have finally finished the flooring in our downstairs bedroom.  It looks beautiful! (I would say that even if I didn't do it my self)  And now I am back to finish pointing out the difficulties of laying hardwood flooring on a 45º.  (click here to see part I)

First up, a floor outlet.  We live in a townhouse that has no outlets in the shared walls.  Strange but whatever.  We had to drill holes around them in our living room and the second bedroom.  We bought a circle saw thing from home depot that is just a little bigger than the housing for the outlet and taped the 2 boards together with painters tape that would surround the outlet and drilled/cut the holes.  Easy Peasy.  But this time it was a little more difficult to measure the location of the outlet with the angle thrown in the mix.  So to begin, I cut my 45º on both boards to go up next to the wall, and tapped them together.  And I also started marking out where the outlet would be.  (this is so hard to explain and put into words)  

Now I needed to measure the distance from the wall to the far side of the outlet.  I used the same t ruler thing and a speed square.  The distance is 44cm.  (I don't usually use the metric system, only when that is the side of the ruler I need at the time)  Turn the ruler around and mark 44cm on the tape.  Now repeat for the other sides and that will give me a square!

So to make my circle I take the saw part off the drill part and use it to trace where my circle will be.  Put that all back together and go outside to drill the hole.

Once that is done you just install the boards as normal.  See!

On to the next thing, filling in the corner where I started.  I needed to get a spline or slip tongue for this.  Home Depot does not carry this item.  You will need to contact a hard wood floor place.  I got my wood flooring at Lumber Liquidators and they were out, however they did refer me to MacDonald Hardwoods in Denver as another option.  (That is something I really love about Lumber Liquidators, they will suggest other places to get supplies that might save you money even if they sell the item themselves.)  So I drove on down to old MacDonald's to pick up this small piece of wood that I absolutely needed and guess what, they gave it to me for FREE.  I really only needed 2 1/2' of it and would have cost less than $5 but hey, I don't mind free. So here it is, kinda self explanatory once you see it, but essentially a slip tongue is used to reverse the direction of hardwood flooring by allowing you to put 2 grooved ends together securely.  Take a look see.

And while cutting the last tiny pieces I just used the previous board to finish off a triangle instead of trying to measure that tiny part.  Oops, well it will be mostly covered by molding anyway so I don't really care, but for future corners, just glue that piece in.

Alright, getting around the little wall that stuck out to define the closet was a little awkward.  So again, I got my board cut to go up against the wall like before with the outlet, and leaned it against the corner I needed to cut around.  Using my speed square again, I marked the point  of the corner, measured the distance I needed to leave and made a 90º angle there to cut out with a jigsaw.  Worked perfectly.

On the other side I did the reverse and cut out the corner with the same jigsaw will less than desirable results, but again it will be covered with molding.  

Now I just need to get some base boards to finish off this project.  What do you think?  Would you ever try to install hardwood flooring on a 45º angle?


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  1. Nikki, you are doing a great job! I would love for your middle school math teachers to see this post :)

  2. i love this! i am adding a flooring section as we speak! stay tuned, i am excited to share this it's such an amazing project!

  3. thanks!! do you have a button to link back to?

  4. Looks beautiful. I Have to say that I'm most impressed with your floor outlet cut! Great job.

  5. That looks like quite a tedious job, but it sure turned out lovely. You really do such great work. I'm glad I stumbled in...

    Oh yeah, you probably got the piece free because you're hot. The'd have likely charged me extra.

  6. @Kings X, maybe you're right. If i ever need a pick me up my favorite place to go is Home Depot!

  7. What was the name of the flooring you used from lumber liquidators?

  8. Installing hardwood floors diagonally is a quite difficult task and not anyone who does a DIY floor restoration project can do this, especially taking measurements using a T ruler and speed square. You are amazing!

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  10. Thanks for sharing!. I have seen some Reclaimed Parquet Flooring at RFC. Thanks for sharing. Keep exploring.


  11. While installing the floor diagonally might be problematic but taking the guidance’s from the flooring experts could ease out the burden. When we renovated our flooring we consulted with http://www.pcwoodfloors.com/ experts and decided to go for solid hardwood floors. In the living area, I got solid hardwood installation diagonally for more fascinating look.


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