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 This weekend Matt and I went to Tampa to see his dad and step mom (hi Allen and Vickie!) enjoy some warm weather, and sun. Matt has a conference in Orlando starting on Tuesday, so we left on Friday to make a weekend out of it. With both of us being away from home no projects were completed. Womp Womp. Not that we really have anything big going on right now, but here's a little sneak peak into our collective brainstorming and what we are slowly working on lately.

Painting Trim!!!

Lame right? Trust me, I know! Since deciding to paint all of the old wood work white last fall has been slow going I thought I'd share an update.

1 whole door frame! Well that and 90% of the door that goes in the frame. The door got better paint prep in the form of sanding the flat surfaces down to bare wood and is sitting in the garage as we speak. The frame itself was just sanded with sanding sponges. I'm not too worried though, we did the same thing in the kitchen and the doors are still looking great 2.5 years later. I did however have to caulk some gaps between the pieces of the door jam and trim. I guess after 30 years things start to pull apart.

After the caulk (shut up Matt) was smooth and dry I finished the last coat of paint. Once I give the door it's final coat and a few days to cure it will all go back together. One door down, 8 to go.

In other news, we've decided to do more hard wood flooring! Crazy? Us? Meh. We plan on doing the loft, hallway, and stairs.  I've pinned a few stair transformations (here, and here), but we'll see how it goes. Honestly I wouldn't mind hiring someone to do that part for us.  And as far as the transition from the mangled drywall between the railing and the new flooring, we will just use some trim painted out in the same Creamy White (Bher) and install them at the same time. (oh, and that little sliver of wall between? Well let's just say (spoiler alert!) its going to be bright!

Once we install the wood in the loft we're going to turn it into a fancy office/library! I've shown Matt a bunch of those pipe shelves (here, here, here, and here), probably a few too many. But good news is, he likes them! Ideally we will put them along the far wall where our desk is currently. 

The fireplace hearth is a little bit of a problem right now, but I pitched the idea of ripping out the brick hearth and replacing it with tile when we do the wood floors. That way we have a uniformly flat floor and don't trip/stub our toes trying to get to the most useless 4 square feet of our home ever. We'll see if that actually happens.

What have you been up to lately? Did you skip off to somewhere else for a break from your weather lately? Do you have any home improvement plans for your tax refund? Tell me, tell me now!

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