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7:29 AM

So, I've been gathering ideas for gardening/patio decorating since Matt and I started discussing doing our backyard.  Here's some of what has caught my eye:

These Grass Pillows from Potted look so cute and playful for outdoor furniture, also the grass clock would be cute too.

This cinder block planting wall from Traditionally Modern Designs looks amazing, and I am a girl who loves succulents.  I'm not sure how they would do in our climate here but there are always alternatives for everything.

We don't need to re-do the fence right now, at least I don't think we do, but I really like the gate from The Art of Doing Stuff.

And wile browsing around her site I saw these glowing orbs.  They are so easy you'll feel like an idiot for not thinking of this yourself.

I saw these planters from Walter and I have a little idea of how I could knock them off and make my own.  I'll let you know how that goes if I give it a shot.

There is this pallet turned planter wall from Life on the Balcony, such a great idea! 

A book called Garden Up! has a neat idea for growing strawberries in a pvc pipe.  I need to get my hands on a copy of it to see what else they have.

Sunset had an article a few years back about no mow lawns.  I like the idea of having grass but don't really want to spend every weekend mowing, and we don't really have that much room to begin with.

The Outdoor Living magazine from Lowe's Creative Ideas (which is free to subscribe to) had a tutorial for a Deck-Top Pond that got my attention.  A little ambient noise from a water feature would be nice during the summer.

I also have a few ideas of my own that have been tumbling around inside my head, but I'm not telling right now.  A girl's got to have her secrets.  Either way I am so excited to get to work back there.

So what kind of things have you bookmarked and stored away in your brain for a future date?

*all pictures from website mentioned.  I didn't take any of these.

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  1. I love the pallet planter idea! We are working on our yard too. . . I swing between overwhelmed and super excited. It is currently in the stage that involves a lot of digging but it doesn't look like we are making progress. I may have to compile some ideas like you to make me feel more organized. I look forward to seeing your progress:)

  2. Seeing what you are working with now, I think that many of those ideas would work very well. you could do the cinderblock succulents (which, I think, so grow very well here in shady areas) around the AC unit, that would work double duty, planter and screen.

  3. Daphne: that is a great idea, I do wonder how much access to an a/c unit is needed for repairs and maintenance though because I would not like to move bricks around once they are in place.

  4. This project has my attention! It's an amazing design. Check it out:

  5. Those are so neat looking!

  6. Thanks for the link to my gates and glowing outdoor orbs. I absolutely love the cinderblock garden! ~ karen


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