Nothing Exciting, But So Necessary

8:59 AM

Now that Halloween has passes it is time to work on something that is lame.  This weekend I worked on some little projects that we have been putting off for a while.  Back in June, Matt and I finally tiled our kitchen floor.

Previously we had what we liked to call 'soft wood flooring'.

(surprisingly enough this is the only picture of the soft wood floors, hmm.)

It was just a really nice way to say that we laid some sheets of cardboard on top of the plywood sub floors in our kitchen.  The cardboard was the unfolded packaging that our hard wood floors came in so we had plenty.  The only problem was that the old threshold that went under our door from the kitchen to the back yard, to garage area did not fit anymore.  Oh well.  Whats wrong with having a 1 1/2" gap under your door?  Well the answer is not a whole lot if it is a nice, dry summer day.  But now that winter if finally getting here, a threshold would be helpful to keep the cold and snow out of our kitchen.  So one broken tile bit later we have a threshold.  Yay!

You can also see one of the other projects that I was working on in this picture.  Base boards.  We have been without not only in the kitchen but the entire first level of our home.  Luckily my dad has plenty in his basement so it is only costing my paint and sanity.  Unluckily my dads house is about an hour away and I drive a 2 door VW.  So everything that I have put up so far could be pre-cut and fit into my car.  But now I have the 2 longest walls to complete.  Anyway here is a little preview of the baseboards.

We'll caulk the top and nail holes once it's all nailed in but for now it is a drastic improvement. 

And one more thing just for fun.  I found two of these cute frames in the clearance section at Target last week for $2.50 each.

 But magenta is not really a color that is in the color scheme that I invision.  So I took the left over yellow spray paint that we used for some of Matt's costume and painted them.  Well I really have only painted one so far but it looks like this.

Which I think looks much better.  Anyway back to work.  Next week: filling in the last stupid pieces of hardwood flooring that I need to rip and cut all funny.  the rest of the floor has been done for over a year now, but if I want to put the baseboards down it has to be finished.  UGH.  I wonder if other people put this kind of stuff off as long as I do?

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