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It seems the current fly by night trend is those feather hair extensions. They look pretty cool, I like the, but I'm sure they will be gone as quickly as the hair shimmers of last year. Anyway, I wanted to give it a shot to see if I could figure them out. I am a hairdresser but I wanted to figure out how to do them myself, so I thought I would come up with a tutorial with the way I've figured out to do them.
Long Stringy Feathers (order online or look at a fly fishing shop for a saddle)
Small crimp beads (Sally's sells special ones that are hair colors for $14.99 or you could buy silver ones at Michaels for $2.99. It's really your choice)
Crimp Tool or some Needle Nose Pliers
Manic panic type hair dye (if you want to change their color)

1. When you buy you saddle of feathers it will look something like this. I would recommend going in on a pack with some friends because you will probably not even use 10% of the feathers on yourself and it is the most expensive thing from the whole list.

2. Decide where you want it. You don't want to burry it in the middle of your hair but place it close to the top or maybe by your hair line for one that shows from underneath. Then select a tiny section of hair to attach the feather to.

3. Load the crimp bead. Take a length of thread, fold it in half, feed the loop through the crimp bead. Then pull the strand of hair through the loop of thread and pull on the ends until your hair pops through the crimp bead. Slide the crimp bead up close to your roots.

4. Pick a feather from the saddle and pluck it out. The feather follicle thingy might be there but just pull that off with your fingers. Then slide the end of the feather into the crimp bead and squeeze it with you pliers. Maybe 2 times just to be sure it's tight.

All done!

Has anyone else seen feather extensions and wanted some? Might you give it a try? I'd love to see what other peeps come up with.


Here is a link to an article regarding the shortage of feathers across the country

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  1. I ordered a bulk pack of rooster feathers like these from Etsy, and bought hair crimping beads online for $3 to correspond with my hair color. I used a tiny hair highlighting crochet tool to load the crimping bead onto a small strand of hair and to pull the strand through the bead. From here, I slid the feather in the mix and flatted with jeweler's pliers. Probably the least amount of work you could do to get this look!

  2. looks cute!
    think it would look good in bangs?
    and where can i get cheap saddle feathers online?... possibly already dyed? the cheapest ya think?...
    did the saddle feathers you bought from a fishing store act the same way as the "special" saddle feathers? (i.e. ability to straighten, curl, wash, blow dry?)

  3. Thanks! I tried them in my bangs and they worked great, you just need to cut them to size before attaching them (cut the top off, not the bottom.) I did a quick search and found this seller on etsy:

    Any yes, they can be treated just like your hair; wash, blow dry, curl, etc. They just don't hold the curl exactly as well as hair does, but enough to blend in.

  4. do the microbeads look noticeable in ur bangs?

    and thanks for the link!

  5. what size crimp bead did you use??

  6. They are not too noticeable, just place them so a little bit of hair will cover them up. And I'm not too sure about the size, they were in the jewelry making section, and didn't have a size on the packaging.

  7. I bought my feathers from Feather emporium online, very cheap. I'm currently debating keratin fusion (which I have on hand) or these crimp beads you have shown here...

  8. @Tawnee

    I've never used keratin fusion, but if you know how to it's worth a try.

  9. This is amazing! I was looking on Etsy and could only find the feather extension clips when what I wanted was something more permanant. This is just perfect, exactly what I wanted! :) I just have one question, to make the feathers coloured, you dye them with the manic panic, right? Could you give some tips on how to do that without spoiling the feathers and such? Thanks a bunch! You're awesome!

  10. @Persephone
    I'm glad you are finding this helpful!

    I don't see how coloring the feathers with manic panic would spoil the feathers. It stains the feathers, so there is no chemical action that would damage them. I would just color a batch of feathers in some foil and let that sit for about 20 minutes and then rinse. They should be good to go after that.

  11. How do you take them out?

  12. Taking them out? Hmm, I have pulled the feather out of the crimp then slid the crimp down the hair. Sometimes I've had to use the pliers to pinch the crimp the other direction to loosen it's hold. If it's really tight you can use tweezers to hold your hair at the root while you slide the crimp down your hair.

  13. This Is amazing, but do you know where I could get rooster feathers? I've look everywhere, and no one seems to carry them.

  14. Hi,
    this is a great tutorial!I like for Rooster Hackle or see them on Facebook under Lock and Feather!

  15. Hi Nikki,

    My name is Brandon and I'm the marketing director for Donna Bella Hair Extensions. I found this post through a Google search and wondered if I could speak with you about using some of your feather extension images in our marketing. Please let me know if that would work for you.


    Brandon Hutchins

  16. is that your hair your doing them on? I love it and I'm actually looking to do something alot like that next week! This is gonna sound weird but is there any way you can take some pics of your hair for me to give to my hairstylist?

  17. @D'nae no, this is not my hair. I used a model to demonstrate on and she has since cut her hair. So sorry.

  18. I looked forever to find good feathers so I ended up spending a small fortune buying full saddles from a supplier. They're really pretty, I have extra's in orange grizzly, red grizzly and purple grizzly (a lot easier than having to color them myself)

    If anyone's interested in some my email is and I was just hoping for $1 a feather, and I can include crimp beads.


  19. Hey, I just posted pics of my feathers to my facebook if anyone's interested.

    Thanks ;) Lilybelle Locks

  20. Quick question. How much did you pay for a half saddle and quarter saddle of feathers. And on average, how long are the #14 size.

  21. Where does one manage to find rooster feathers on discount?

  22. I've noticed that as the feathers become more popular they are harder to find in fly fishing shops, but google is always there to help. there are quite a few online retailers that have feathers available.

  23. I want some but dont know where to get them for cheap.. Any one have any suggestions :)

  24. What is that hair color? Is it permanent? I'm in love:) Sent the pic to my stylist and she seemed to think it was a bright red. I'm on a mission:)

  25. You are great at tutorials, SO EASY TO FOLLOW!!
    Thank you


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  30. I want some but dont know where to get them for cheap.. Any one have any suggestions :)


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