Perfect Craigslist Find

10:34 AM

I am super excited about this old floral settee that I found earlier this week.

When I emailed the seller about it I was sure that it would have already been sold.  I found the listing on the 17th and they had posted it on the 13th. But to my excitement it was still available.  However, when I returned the email to arrange when I could meet with them to pick it up I got no response.  Three whole days have gone by.  My excitement, fading.  For sure someone else must have scooped up my find.  Or did they see a better value selling it to an antiques dealer?

Nope!  I finally got an email this morning.  By Saturday afternoon it will be mine. And what do I plan to do with it?  Well I have plans to reupholster it.  I was inspired by this lovely one that I saw while at Anthropology.

I just love the texture of the rough edges that they left and the simplicity of it.  Who knows how long this will take me to figure it all out but sooner or (more likely) later it will be lovely.


P.S. to see more about this settee click here, and here.

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