I built something today......

10:54 AM

Well actually I built something on Sunday.  The project, one from the March/April issue of my home my style.

Basically I built a shelf that is over a window that you can hang your shade or blinds from while leaving a section above the window uncovered.

First I took 2 1x6 boards and marked out where I wanted to screw them together.  I was making a shelf that is 64" long, so I chose to put 2 screws every 8" and 2 more screws 1" from each end.  I marked the placement for each screw and pre-drilled the holes for the screws.

After that I put some wood glue between the 2 boards, clamped them together, and attached them with the screws.

Once they were screw together, I took them to the window to figure out the layout of the corner brackets.  I used 2 lovely cans of coconut milk to hold the shelf above the sink faucet so I could mark the holes for the bracket.

That was the quickest part.  Next I used wood filler above all the screw heads and along the seam between the 2 boards.  That took a little while to dry, must have been all the Colorado humidity.

Then it was as simple (But time consuming) as sand, prime, paint.

Now I re-attached the L brackets and screwed it onto the wall around the window.

Here it is again, now I just need to order a roller shade to fit underneath it.


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  1. that is so clever! glad to have this in the diy collective!

  2. Thanks!! I just love how you are organizing all these decorative diy ideas onto one website.


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