DIY Pendant Light - Part I

2:59 PM

I found these beautiful hand blown looking drinking glasses at Urban Outfitters and thought "These look like pendant light shades."   So that is what I plan on making myself.

I made the trip to Home Depot to gathered supplies, I still need to get the wire, plug and something to mount everything on, but this will be enough for now.

Here is a better look at what I bought to get started:
Hex Nuts: $1.98
Steel Nipples (he he): $2.98
2" Keyless Sockets: $4.47
15 Watt Mini Fan Lights: $2.99
Nylon Washers: $0.63 /2pk
3/8" Glass/Tile Drill Bit: $10.97

So once I had my supplies gathered, I went down to the basement to start drilling my holes.  I had my handy cordless drill, and started drilling. 

 The drilling continues for quite some time.  This is getting old.  I swapped out to a corded drill that Matt's brother lent us for our kitchen tile project.  It is a much faster and more powerful drill.  I have no idea how long it took me to drill thru the first glass, but here is an idea about how long the second one took.

I know the picture quality isn't great, but this is how far I got after 10 minutes.

And the total time to drill thru one glass is 20 minutes.

So I have 2 glasses drilled, time to give the drill a break.  The bit could use one too, hot hot hot.  Now for the assembly of the hardware.

Everything will just screw onto the steel nipple.  The guy at Home Depot suggested the nylon washers so that I wouldn't over tighten the hex nuts and crack the glass perhaps.  I found if you attach the inside pieces first, it makes it easier to hold onto inside of the glass.  Then just pop the washer and the hex bolt onto the nipple at the bottom of the glass and tighten slightly with some pliers.  

So that is all for now, I need to get some lamp wire, a plug and something to mount it all together with.  I'm thinking a simple small wooden box to hang from the ceiling.  

TO BE CONTINUED.............

(Click thru to find part 2 and part 3 of this post)

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  1. It looks fabulous. I've just stumbled across your site and it's been a super big help. I'm trying to do something very similar using Pendant Lighting.


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