It's Spring! Time to Plant Stuff.

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Happy Friday! I hope you've been enjoying the spring weather lately. I love love love spring! Well as long as its a nice spring and not one riddled with late snow. Lucky for those of us that live in Denver we have had an exceptionally nice spring, which makes me want to be outside and work toward having a pretty back yard. So here we go!

A couple of weeks ago Matt and I visited a new to us nursery in our neighborhood called Highlands Garden Center to pick up some grass seed for our tiny yard. Since the area that we want grass is so small we decided it would be better for us to just buy the seed from those bulk bins instead of having 90% of a bag of seed to store. One of my clients works at the nursery, and she recommended starting the seed soon since its easier to keep it watered than in the summer. While we were there we took a look around and obviously left with more than we planned on purchasing.

Since I can't enter a store without wanting to see everything, I snapped a few pictures to share with you. Like this one of a tiny fairy garden! Miniature versions of things are always much cuter than their life sized counterparts and this nursery had a fantastic selection of fairy garden items, if you're into those.
They also had a great selection of succulents. Lots of bright cacti and air plants too!
I have no clue what the's things are, but they look cool. Maybe they are fancy vases. Anybody know what these things are?

I was really impressed with their selection of pots. They have so many beautiful shapes and sizes.
And just look at this fat jade tree! It looks like it took forever to get this big. We have a few jade trees at our home that Matt takes care of and they are baby's compared to this guy.
We ended up getting this little guy because it looked like something Matt could train like a bonsai tree. The pot was from the nursery too!

As for the current state of our back yard, allow me to update you. First up, you might notice that we moved the white ground cover plants. They have gotten a lot bigger than last year, but we decided they would look better as a boarder to the sidewalk. That way we can plant something taller in that little round area behind them. The other ground cover has really increased in size this spring. You can't see them too well in this picture, but it's got little purple flowers all over. In spite of how well its growing we still thought there was a little too much dirt showing so we added a third one to help fill things in a bit faster. (Here's a link to where we left off last year if you want to compare.)

At the end of last fall we left all of our herbs as is except for the basil. I wasn't really sure if they would survive and come back, but apparently sage is quite hardy. I already need to hack a bunch off (want some?), but I would like to find a recipe that I could freeze first. Any suggestions??? Oh, and our catnip (in the cat shaped planter of course!) seems to be coming back. We have to make sure Tubbs and Barbara don't eat it all before it really takes off, which can be difficult at times. We also decided to plant basil in a pot as opposed to the ground like last year because it smothered everything. The pot also came from Highlands, I told you they have really nice pots.

These little flowers are totally Matt's doing. I came home last Saturday to these happy little blooms. What a sweetie pie!

And these ones too! We've had these Ikea pots for a while and have tried different plants in them over the last few years with no success. Lets just say herbs get too big, and maybe indoor succulents don't work so well outside. Our fingers are crossed for these little ladies though.

As for the grass, take a look-see for yourself.

It's looking pretty good so far. I can't wait for it to fill in so the dirt isn't showing so much, but that's just something that takes time. With all this green in our yard I'm pretty motivated to get things wrapped up back here so we can enjoy our baby yard. Who else gets the itch to buy a bunch of plants this time of year?

Want to see our yard from the beginning? Or see how we got all the rocks out of the dirt? Or maybe you're interested in the horizontal lattice we have along the garage. Go ahead, check it out!

I was not asked to write about the Highlands Garden Center nor was I compensated. I just like sharing local stores that I like.

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  1. The bright colored glass things are bird feeders, I believe.

  2. Love it all! I have big plans to start on some yard stuff this weekend. Jerod has already done a bunch of garden stuff so I need to catch up with flowers and cuteness.

  3. fabulous post! love meeting fellow gardening friends! xoox, tracie

  4. Hi Nikki! I enjoyed seeing the progress in your backyard. I'm not much of a gardener...I buy more than I should in the garden center and then am faced with the reality of planting it and then WATERING it all summer. One of my sons lives in Fort Collins, CO which is not too far from where you live. I saw your post at "Tatertots and Jello".

  5. Everything is lovely, from the beautiful pansies (my favorite childhood flowers) to the Ikea white pots (I've got one too, I'm using it to grow basil in it:)))
    Thank you for visiting my balcony reveal!

  6. So motivating! Everything looks so pretty and ready for summer!


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