Lazy Birthday Weekend

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This last weekend was Matt's birthday.  As you may or may not guess working around the house was not really on our agenda.  We both took Friday off of work to start the weekend off early.  However we did run over to home depot to pick up a light kit for our ceiling fan that we had recently installed in our bedroom.  We had a ceiling fan that we had installed in our old apartment before we bought our home, and brought it with us.  It just sat partially disassembled in the corner behind our kitty condo.  We had fans all over the house already but they were old and wonky.  The one in our bedroom was the worst of them all.  It just made this rhythmic ticking sound when it was on.  You could even see that it wasn't level.  But we lived with it for almost 2 years!  So last weekend we had had enough!  It was so easy, we are not really sure what took us so long.

Fast forward to this weekend, we were with out a major light source in our room for the last week, so we wend to home depot to pick up a light kit for the fan.  While we were there I took a stroll through the indoor plant section and brought home a mini orchid and 2 small succulents that needed a good home.

After just a few minutes our fan looked like this!

The spotlights are not our favorite, but that is all they had.  And having light at the flick of a switch is a welcome addition.

Other than this teeny tiny bit of diy, we just enjoyed the rest of our weekend.  We went out to eat with friends and family over the weekend.  Monday we had all to ourselves.  We went to the Real Pirates exhibit at the nature and science museum.  It was really interesting, but we were not allowed to take pictures inside the exhibit.  So here is a little peak of this thing outside the doors.  Basically a bunch of metal stuff fuses together when it's in the ocean for a long time.  They explained it much more elegantly at the museum, but I can't really remember that stuff.

 After the museum, we went to the Denver Botanic Gardens.  Matt's mom gave him a membership for his birthday last year and we really enjoy walking through their gardens.

This bowl filled with succulents was at the entrance, I think I would like to replicate something like this someday.

The tulips were blooming, this reminds me that I need to find a bulb catalog or something so we can pick out what to plant in the fall.  I really like the deep purpley black ones!

The garden is full of MCM architecture, I just love this water feature.

There are beautiful pebble walkways in the Chinese gardens, and the circular gates leading into them are beautiful too.

On our way into the Bonsai garden we noticed a familiar face, or should I say tree?  This is a contorted  filbert like the one we just planted in our back yard (here).  Our leaves are more of a purple color, and we plan on shaping it a little more so that it looks like a tree.

I don't know what this is, but I really like the little flower balls. Maybe Matt's brother will be able to tell us what this is.

They had some planter boxes filled with succulents, but this little fuzzy one really caught my eye.  I'll have to keep a look out for one like this.

This is the orchid room.  It is attached to the big geometric dome, but has recently been renovated.  The finished result is just beautiful.

After our long walks through the museum and the botanic gardens we made a little stop on our way home for some ice cream.  Sweet Action is a local place that makes up some crazy flavors (like earl grey, fresh basil, salted butterscotch).  I had the garam masala which tasted like chai tea and Matt had the blackberry whiskey which tasted just like it sounds. 

It was a great weekend, and I just loved spending Matt's special weekend with him.  Love you honey bear! 

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