Rock Removal Complete! (And a possible source for magic wands)

9:23 AM

Well, we're finally done with the rock removal process.  I felt like it took for-e-ver.  It kind of did, if you count a month as forever.  We started digging when our gas pipe was leaking at the beginning of April and decided it would be a good idea to dig up everything.  I also gave you a tour to kick off the project and a small list of ideas that had grabbed my attention, and I've even shown you our process for getting the rocks out of the dirt one snow shovel load at a time. (UGH)  And here we are!  Rock free dirt as far as the eye can see!  We still need to get some more compost to mix in to the soil, but at least we can dig a shovel into the ground fairly easily.  Once we get more compost in the ground we will decide if we need to rent a little tiller to break up the large clay clumps some more.  The soil wasn't too bad around the a/c unit and sidewalk but the area between the garage and patio is ridiculous.  We've mixed 3 bags in it already, and everything that we sifted out of the rocks and it is still super lumpy.  You could literally make some art out of this stuff.  But anyway here is a quick glance at our progress.

We even spent a little time during our breakfast on Sunday morning talking about what we want to do back there.  Here's our little napkin diagram.  If you look really close you can see that there is a dead rabbit buried next to the a/c unit. Matt had to mercy kill a baby bunny last week and feels terrible about it :(  We didn't really write ideas down, we just needed a picture to look at while we were discussing everything.  We still haven't really come to any solid decisions but I guess we will make them when we put stuff in the ground.

Oh and here are all the rocks that we've pulled out of the ground, minus about 12 5gal. buckets worth that were used to fill up our window wells, and maybe 5-6 more that went to my friend Karen's house for the same purpose.  We will put some around this big ugly bush we have in front of our home, but whatever we can't find a place for we will probably craigslist.  Or if that doesn't work, we have been scouting out places that we could donate our rocks to around our neighborhood, like the rock bed by Pei Wei.

Now on to some fun stuff.  I found the most awesome alternative for a trellis for the snap peas we bought a few weeks back.  I found them at the Habit for Humanity Restore this weekend for $.50 each!  Can you guess what their original purpose is?

Its the wire cage that goes over fluorescent lights that you see in warehouse like buildings. Actually, I saw them at the gym right after I bought them while hating my life. (Not really, I just hate to work out.  It makes breathing hard and I don't like being sweaty.) 

We also planted the strawberries in the whiskey barrels that we bought last year. Theres a flower on one of the plants already. I can't wait to eat some strawberries!

And we even bought a tree/shrub.  It's a Red Majestic Contorted Filbert.  It has really neat squiggliy branches and deep purple leaves in the summer that turn red in the fall.  Hopefully it does really well, otherwise we could sell the branches to some Harry Potter fans as magic wands.

Have you used any unconventional materials in your garden lately?  What would you do with a dead tree?  Have you ever given a baby bunny a mercy killing?  If so, how did you cope?

On another note, Happy Mothers Day!!!

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