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Huzzah for Pinterest Challenges! I have been playing along since they started. For some reason I always thought they went live on Wednesdays, so that is why this post is kinda late in the Pinterest Challenge world. Not only do I like to participate in the challenge Katie and Sherry present us with, but I also like to share other Pinterest projects I embark on through out the year, click here to see them all. Soooo, what's my pinspiration this time? Well, I've mentioned it a few times over this last year, and I've even had some of my more difficult supplies on hand and ready to go since this summer. I guess I just needed this Pinterest Challenge to get me over my procrastination. My project is none other than these awesome decanter lights from Lee Broom I want to put in the dry bar!



So, this summer I kept an eye open for decanters that I could have the bottoms chopped of, just for this project. And by kept an eye open, I mean I went to the antique store.... once. Anyway, here they are in their liquid holding state.



Now, chopping the bottoms off is not as easy as one might think. I called around to probably 5 or 6 glass shops in town, each time explaining what I wanted to do, before someone finally suggested Bella Glass Studio to me. When I called they said it would be no problem. I did have to leave my decanters with them for a few days, no biggie. If you're looking to do the same I would suggest looking for a more artsy fartsy glass studio as opposed to a place that installs shower doors and such. This place even offers classes and has lost of glass for artisan types to buy. Anyway, once the decanters were cut it was all down hill from there.

By downhill I mean I still had to make something to mount to the ceiling (and therefore hide all my wires with), wire the decanters, and install the thing. So I made myself a little box yesterday. I used the same method as I did when I made this pendant light a long time ago. I also used the same wiring technique to put light bulbs inside of my decanters. The only thing I did differently was add a big washer so that my socket wouldn't come through the opening of the decanters.



Now that I had my box and my lights ready it's a matter of putting it all together. Luckily lamp stuff is pretty simple, just make sure to keep the wires that are supposed to go together, together. You might also want to tie a knot in your wire so the weight of the decanter doesn't pull on your connections or get longer than you want.



Unfortunately I didn't get the stuff to mount it to the ceiling. So just picture Matt holding it up until then, kinda like this. I bet he will stop fist pumping after five minutes, saying something about his arm falling off.



Here's a close up of the decanters to enjoy until I get it mounted to the ceiling and take proper pictures.



Until then, what was your Pinterest Challenge project this time around? Have you ever made your own light fixture? Oh and make sure to go check out the other projects from the challenge linked up at YHL, Bower Power, The Ugly Duckling House, and Our Fifth House.



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  1. Those are beautiful! I love the way the light dances off the details in the glass. Can't wait to see updated pictures!

  2. This is so clever! Love it. And thanks for sharing @ the UDH!

  3. LOVE THEM! I had every intention of Pinterest Challenging it this time BUT have way over booked myself this fall and got sick this weekend on top of everything else so I will just have to live vicariously through you. Your bar really looks terrific!

  4. great job! what a fun way to jazz up the bar area more. love! =)

  5. Wow! Love them! I'd like to invite you to link them up to my Twirl & Take a Bow party at Hope you can stop by!

  6. Utterly AMAZING!!! As someone who collects decanters, I'm very jealous I never thought of doing this before. I love it!!

  7. That is awesome! Great tutorial and beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing!

  8. Noooo........ Be careful of what you are destroying. My oldest decanter (250 years old) came eBay as an old bottle for 99p plus postage. Check out my website and learn before you chop something good in half.


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