Caulk, with an over enunciated L

1:31 PM

Does your significant other have the maturity of a 12 year old boy? Mine does. I have to stress the L when talking about caulk with Matt. Sadly, that was my project the other day. CauLking all the seams and nail holes on the trim we installed between the spindles last weekend. Remember this?


Not too bad, but if you were here IRL you would see them. Especially the tiniest little gap at the bottom, between the baseboard and the wall.



So there I was, standing on a ladder with a tube of cauLk, a putty knife, a rag, and a spray bottle for 3 hours! Maybe less, I didn't really check the time, but it felt like forever. Maybe it was 3 hours with going back to touch up the paint. Either way, I kinda wanted to blow my brains out.



Well at least it looks good and I'll never have to do it again. While I was cauLking, Matt was working on one of our door frames. He sanded off the old finish, and got it primed. However he didn't want to do the actual painting, so that's what I did while he was out of town this week. Just ignore the ugly door, it will get the same paint soon enough.



Our plan is to paint all the doors and old trim, but I hate it so bad!! It's the lamest project ever. Oh, and while we are looking this way, do you guys have any suggestions on what we should do with our front door? We have to keep the outside kinda natural (HOA rules), like a stain or a poopy brown paint color. I kinda like the idea of refinishing it with a black stain, but painting the door frame white. Oh and don't you just love the little peak-a-boo door instead of a peep hole? Its perfect for dismissing weirdos that show up at your front door without having to open the actual door. It doesn't open right now, but that will become a priority when we refinish the door. Move along, weirdo.



Oh, and theres one more thing I did in this doorway while Matt was gone this week. Here's a hint.



Did you guess 'install a transition'? If you did the you are a winner, if not, I'm sorry but I'm not really sure how I could have made it any easier on you.



Just like the transition to Marcus' room, this one isn't glued down. I have the one to our bedroom left to do, and then we will glue them all in at the same time. So what lame-o projects have you done recently? Or are they just staring you in the face every time you walk by like mine usually do? Oh, and if you have a spare 30 seconds, will you hop over to Vintage Revivals and give me a vote? I'm number 12!


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  1. Why don't you sand and stain all of your doors black?

    1. Because of the general cave like feeling our house has. After installing the dark wood floors it all just felt too dark.

  2. I use spackle for nail holes. Looking good! But I am staring lately at two windows frames and one door frame waiting for primer/paint and painting of three doors. Just so not in the mood. I'm 53, after a few years of updating this old house, I have had enough almost. Love to read about others working on their homes though.

  3. Everytime I see that yellow paint, I almost scream in delight. LOVE IT! And, if it makes you feel any better, Ryan would be giggling his face off about "caulk" as well.

  4. When I looked at your home link I thought that railing and such would look nice white, but I hadn't seen this post yet. Really, really like how it lightens up the space.

    1. Thanks! I guess I need to update the pictures on the tour page! Haha, maybe after we finishe the drybar and paint the rest of the doors. Ugh, it's really a never ending process.


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