Florida the state, not the rapper

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 Last week I mentioned a recent weekend trip to Florida (the state)! I can't type Florida without thinking Flo-rida. I'm not really a big fan of his, nor can I think of any of his songs off the top of my head, but I wonder if he planned on ruining my internal thought process whilst typing Florida (the state). What was I talking about? Oh right, our trip. It was a little bonus weekend away from home that was much welcomed. The company Matt works for has an annual conference that changes locations year to year, and when he found out it was going to be in Orlando (city, not elf) he thought it would be a great excuse for us to visit his Dad (Allen) and Vickie. I was only there for a few days, but it was just the little mid-winter break I needed.

The first day we went to see the Dali museum. I'm not an art buff by any means, but as I've said before I can recognize what does and doesn't appeal to me. One thing that really appeals to me is MUSTACHES! Let me elaborate, I like novelty mustache items (coffee mugs, mustaches on sticks, etc.) not hairy upper lips (including my own).

The building was also a work of art on its own. It was a huge concrete box, with the fountain of youth in one corner and a geometric glass blob on the other.

The inside was just as spectacular as the outside. There was a free standing spiral staircase made from formed concrete that was pretty cool.

Unfortunately there was a strict "No Photography" policy once you were inside the gallery. But that didn't stop me from buying some $1 postcards instead of $15 prints to frame later. Take that museum gift shop! Although we did buy the slightly overpriced Melted Clock ornament for our green Xmas tree.

And there was a mermaid in an old car.

Overall Matt gives The Dali a thumbs up. Or whatever this is.

Within view of The Dali, was a pier that we walked around. I was amazed at all the pelicans that were just hanging out. I must have been pretty special because I got thisclosetothem.

Nope, a minute later a guy and his kid paid another guy for a buket of fish to feed these pelicans. After their little snack most of them flew away. By the way, can you find Matt?

The next day we ventured into Ybor City (sounds like ee-bore). Its where a lot of the immigrant workers lived and worked back in the day. Mr. Ybor set it up that way, and based on the completely unbiased video we watched in the visitor center, it was very successful. There were large cigar factories through out the area, and interesting fact: the cigar companies sold small homes to the cigar workers with no interest! Unfourtunatly all the cigar factories are privately owned now, like this one that only people like Tom Cruise get to hang out in.

After our walk through Ybor city, Matt demanded we all go eat Cuban sandwiches. I didn't think much of the sandwich, but these pirate cookies were pretty cute!

Once our bellies were full of sandwiches de Cuba, we drove to Tarpon Springs. Apparently that is the place to go for sea sponges. It was a cute little touristy strip with lots of souvenir shops everywhere! I didn't get any sponges, but I spied this awesome ring made from a seashell for only $5.

I may or may not have post that pic on facebook pretending that Matt preposed with it.

Well, have you taken any mid-winter break trips lately? Do you need one?

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