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Last Friday Matt and found ourselves enjoying the Art Walk in the Sante Fe Art District. It's a great activity for people that enjoy free, and activities that leave you feeling a little more cultured and stuff. Every first Friday of the month these art galleries are open for the masses to wander through and enjoy some art. Now, I don't really know much if anything about art, but I sure can recognize what does and doesn't appeal to me. Here's a little collage of what does.

Left to right top to bottom. 1. I've seen these little alpacas for a few years, I think their little faces are adorable. However I don't want to pay a lot for a print, so I just enjoy them when we go. 2. This was in a photography exhibit, I like photography more often than not. I just loved how silly/cute/simple this photo of those little plastic army men in battle. 3. Nothing life changing can be said about these poppies, but I still liked them enough to take this picture. 4. This exhibit made me a little sad. There are a ton of these portraits of kids that are waiting to be adopted. I told Matt I wanted to get out of here because I felt bad for the kids. 5. Again, nothing life changing, but I really liked the water color effect of all the bright neon colors these horses are painted with. 6. This was the only artist that was actually working on anything we saw. I think this is just the background, but I think they could be hung up just like this. It reminds me of spilt coffee. 7. What's not to love about a Denver Skyline Painting? Well in this paintings case, it would be the lack of Matt's building he works in. 8. This is a close up of... 9. This mosaic. It's made up of glass, bottle caps, wine corks, metal clip thingys, bullet shells, and keys. 10. Matt has a thing for roosters. It started while he was flipping through a William Sonoma catalogue and came across a whole dining set of Rooster dishes. Let me just say, I don't share his thing for roosters. 11. It would be so cool to know how to make your own neon signs. I would do stuff like this all the time! 12. Another room with more neon and random things hanging from the ceiling. It's amazing how hanging stuff with fishing line can make it über fancy.

Bahahaha, while we were waiting for the bathroom that you can see in this picture, Matt picked up the toy gun in this box to show me. I told him to put it back because it was "art". He was pretty embarrassed, but a good enough sport to pose for this picture.

Rooster pot! We were low on cash at this point because we had been buying wine all along the way.

So we could only afford to take this smaller little guy home. Matt wants to plant a cactus in it.

Now this one technically has art, but I was more interested in the store itself. And to make things even better, they were watching some college football at the check out table to distract Matt while I looked at all the fabric and stuff.

Ok, I've saved the stuff that doesn't appeal to me for the end of today's post. First up, this exhibit. Let's just say once you walk through the door you'll be magically transported to Pen Island. (If you don't know what Pen Island is, ask any 5th grade boy. It's kinda like the pen15 club.) My inner child could not be silenced and I made a very giggly and quick exit.


Then there were these modified baby dolls. I only took pictures to text to my friend Naomi. She was just telling my about how her and her daughter like to get baby dolls at the thrift store to paint. I don't think these are anything like her's though.

Here is a planter Naomi made out of what looks like a Cabbage Doll Head. She made it for a Day of the Dead party she went to as a hostess gift.

This photo was taken by Naomi and then Texty McMessaged to me.

What kind of free things do you like to do?

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