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The journey of painting all of our wood trim in the house is moving along. Hopefully by this time next week we will have the railing completely painted and put back together. In the mean time, there is a handful of other things we've been up to. Last Friday Matt and I took a little trip down to The Springs (short for Colorado Springs) to pick up a 55 gallon aquarium from Darlice (Matt's mom). We ate some dinner, watched half of National Treasure, and did our best to not drop the giant glass box as we loaded it into the back of my car. Thankfully everything was a success, the 2 remaining fish from the tank survived, and somehow I didn't drop the tank (OMG it was sooooooooo heavy.)

Right now the tank is just hangin out in the back yard here with rocks and a little left over poop water in the bottom. I like the bigger white rocks, but I think the little brown ones can go. And the faux blonde wood bands at the top and bottom could be painted or something. Matt seems a little skeptical on spray painting it, so we shall see. Other than that, the filter is in good shape, the top thing has seen better days, and light needs to be replaced.

All this is thanks to my wonderful boyfriend. See he bought this little guy a while ago, it's a shark fish or something, knowing full and well that it would outgrow the fish tank that we currently have (33 gallons). I just rolled my eyes and went about my day, and I guess so did our new little shark. But now it's obviously too big! He swims into the glass really fast and knocks into stuff. Sometimes it even tries to jump out of the water and makes the lid jump. Does it have a death wish?

Anyway, Matt should be cleaning the bigger aquarium up this weekend in preparation for the big swap. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well, last time there were a few deaths and Matt was a little sad about it.

In other non aquarium related news, my new paint sprayer has motivated me to start working on my antique seeing machine cabinet. It's been sitting all disassembled like in my studio for a couple of months now. So far I've sanded the old finish off and primed it. (I love my new paint sprayer!) The finish was pretty thick too. I used some 40 grit sand paper to get through it, then step down to 60, then 150, and lastly 220. After priming it I went back over it with a 220 grit sanding sponge and it feels all slick and smooth. Now I just need to go pick up some paint and look for new nobs. Unfortunately the Anthropology by me no longer has the ones I picked out a while back.

Here's an optimistic to do list for the weekend

- finish painting the railing and put back together
- clean aquarium and get it set up
- go to Canvas and Cocktails with Ali to make a fancy painting
- start working on Halloween costume during football
- cut back the moonflower vines to keep them from growing INSIDE the garage. (seriously, look!)

So, what are you working on this weekend?

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