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Liz LEMONNNNNNNN!!!! (Just kidding)  

It's just my princess sewing machine!!

This is my latest project, although not my latest find.  Let me tell you a little about her.

Back in the early fall of 2010 I saw my neighbor cleaning out her garage on my way to work.  We chatted for a quick minute and then I was on my way.  But when I came home that night there was a pile of stuff in front of her garage with a free sign on it.  I instantly recognized the little cabinet but didn't think there would really be a sewing machine inside.  I lifted the top up and peered inside, and there it was!  

Now I'm not sure why Matt and I got home at the same time, he works earlier than I do, but he was with me when I found this. I gasped and asked him to take it inside for me.  I do seem to remember him pointing out that I already had a sewing machine, but I explained that this one was a fancy old sewing machine and I just really wanted it.  I also blinked my eyes and made my cutest face.  

Anyway, here's my plan.

  • Strip the finish from the cabinet
  • Bleach the wood
  • Stain wood a light grey color
  • Replace the drawer knobs with glass knobs from Anthro
Photos gathered from Cabot, Anthro, and Minwax

I am also looking into maybe powder coating the cast iron base and possibly the actual sewing machine a glossy white.  But I don't even know if that is possible or how much it would cost.  Cost will defiantly be a factor for that little detail.  I'll be sure to let you know what I find out about the process weather or not I actually do it.   

So far I have disassembled the cabinet into smaller pieces and striped the finish off the top 2 pieces of the cabinet.

It really seems a whole lot more manageable when broken down like this.  I really love how the wood grain is more noticeable without that super dark stain on it anymore.  

In other news Matt and I have decided to paint all the doors, window sills and railing white to match our baseboard trim.  The railing will be a project for sure.  

We've also been discussing doing something to the fireplace.  We like the texture of the brick and the variation in color, but it is a little too orange for us.  Maybe whitewashing??  I did a little photo editing on picnik to see what that might look like:

current color of the brick fireplace

whitewashed vision for the fireplace

What do you think?  I'm super excited to get to this project, I think it will make a huge impact.

Also, does anyone out there have any experience with powder coating?  How about paint sprayers?  With all this wood to paint it sure would be nice to just set up a spray booth in the garage.

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  1. I love old sewing machines! I cant wait to see how this turns out!!

    Love your guts

  2. various comments. . .
    1. The trim and railing will look great white (I do not envy that project)
    2. The sewing machine is looking good. I have some wood striping in my future. See how good it is going for you gives me hope:)


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