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Another sewing project! Like I said last week, you know about how I don't sew often but when I do I want to sew more? Anyway, this week I made an iPad coozie. Matt got me one for my birthday and I lurve it, so I needed to keep it warm and safe at night. (or at least keep it nice when I throw it into my purse. So if you want to follow along, you too can have your very own!

First things first, measure your iPad or whatever device you want to protect. Once you have the width of your device add an inch to that for seam allowances and cut 2 strips of fabric to that width. I didn't measure the height, I just left it longer than needed for now, you will be able to trim off what you don't need later. You'll also want to cut a piece of batting the same width and long enough to wrap around both sides. This will give your device a little cushion, and keep it all warm and snuggly in the winter.

Now if your like me, you'll want to put a pocket on your cover. They're great for keeping those little accessories on hand when you need the. So not knowing how to put a nice zippered pocket on, I turned to my friend YouTube. I found this great tutorial for adding a pocket into purse linings, but here a few pictures of my pocket installation. If you want to see all the steps just watch this video.

Once I finished my pocket I wanted to fancy up my fabric bit and do some basic quilting with one piece of fabric and the batting. This should keep the batting from shifting around once you sew it up. I bought some metallic copper and mint green thread to match my zipper and hardware (that comes later) and just highlighted the details of the print. The copper is just a straight stitch and I went over the same lines 4 times, but then I figured out how to do a satin stitch while using the mint green. It's basically a zig-zag stitch that doesn't cover a lot of distance. I liked how the satin stitch turned out better. Next time! Oh and just a little note, metallic thread is kinda a bitch to work with. I found that just using regular thread in the bobbin made it a lot easier, but it still wasn't great.

After all that, you can finally start assembling your cover. On both pieces of fabric you will want to fold the bottom up so that it covers both sides of your device, and make sure the right sides are facing each other. Then sew up both sides, but leave about a half inch at the top un-sewn. They should look like this

Then face those little pouches towards each other and sew the top of the pouches together. It will be a little awkward looking for a little while now, but just stay with me.

Once the pouches are connected right above the zipper, flip it so the insides are facing out and make sure to place one of the pouches inside the other. Now that it's laying nicely, sew the sides of the flaps together.

Flip it right side out again, it's time to add hardware. I found some copper purse magnets in the purse making section, duh! There are 2 pieces that you will see when it's all finished, but there are 2 little metal disc things that will be inside of the finished product. So if you want to have this type of closure, do it now. I used the 2 little disc things to lay out where I wanted the magnets to be. Once I decided on where to put them, I drew a line in both of the openings. These mark where those 2 little tabs will go through the fabric.

Then just cut the fabric along the lines with a razor, making sure onto cut the lining. I used a pad of paper with the cardboard side up, but if you have a craft cutting board that will be even better. As long as it fits in your little pocket. If you've cut clean through the fabric and the batting you will be able to just feed those little tabs through real easy like. Look at the back now and put that little metal disc over the tabs. Using your fingers, start to bend the tabs in, then just flatten them with a hammer. You might want to have that pad of paper under the magnet for that part so you don't ruin your work surface.

For the top, slide your device inside of it's pocket, fold the flap over and then using the same disc, line up the placement for your magnets. Once you have them marked, fold the excess fabric inside so that it will be double fabric under the magnets. This will help stabilize the magnets and help prevent them from tearing through fabric. Iron this nice and flat then attach the magnets the same way as before. Now sew the top closed with a top stitch and you're all done!

And that's it! You now have a new home for your iPad, and a place to keep it's little friends! This will also keep who ever bought it for you off your back about taking better care of your things. Well, as long as you use it.

Hope you like it, and if you make one I would love to see it!-Nikki

I am linking up at Tatertots and Jello's Weekend Wrap Up Party, Under the Table and Dreaming's Sunday Showcase Party, and The DIY Show Off's DIY Project Parade.

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  1. I'm impressed! It looks awesome. And I love the fabric you chose!

  2. Thanks Laura! I'm not gonna lie, it was a little bit of trial and error to get to the finished product, and the fabric is one from Ikea.

  3. Super impressed! I just did one for a kindle but made it a smidge too small. Now it's holding my clothespins ;-)

  4. Sunny, mine turned out way too small at first so I reduced the amount of seam allowance and that helped a lot. It's still a little tight, but it seems to be stretching out with use.

  5. Do the magnets have any (negative) effect on your electronic devices that are stored inside?

    1. No, the magnets haven't had any effect on my iPad. Even the smart cover has magnets to keep it attached and turn the iPad on and off. I would imagine that one of apples accessories has magnets that they would pose no problem. I guess if you're worried about it you could use Velcro, buttons, or snaps.


  6. The fabric is gorgeous. I think I want to design one very similar.

  7. not that i dont like the ipad sleeve....but every link i click on your page takes me to it!! I wanna see what ever wood floor project you had up there and several others. Anyone else having this issue?

  8. I Just made my first one based on your AWESOME instructions. You are the best. thank you soooooo much! I'm so excited :)


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