New Years Resolutions

9:02 AM

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday season. I cannot function properly during the whole month of December. Last night was the first time back to the gym in who knows how long, the laundry is respectably caught up, our kitchen is clean, and I am on my way to start out the year on a good foot. So here are my resolutions.

1. Write at least 1 blog post a week. Hopefully they won't be as lame as this one. I would really like to work on enough projects this year to have some substance that is worth writing and reading.

2. Work on one room at a time. While I feel I can justify our sporadic work flow with the fact that there was so much to do and so much nasty carpet to rip out. But now we are at a good point to finish rooms before we move on. We haven't decided which should be first but I think the kitchen will probably be the lucky one.

On the list for the kitchen is a kitchen table with a butcher block top and stools to accompany (I like this table and stools from Ana White), fill in the hole above the microwave (with this), get the matching dishwasher to complete our kitchen appliance set, and touch up paint. I'm sure we could think of other things, like new lighting and maybe a pot rack above the future table.

3. 365 Project. I read about this in the Photojojo book, you take a picture a day for a whole year. I am on track for now. Let's just hope I don't screw it up by missing a day. So much pressure.

4. Keep a tidy house. If we can do something for 20 minutes a day every day hopefully our home will always be clean. We are by no means filthy, but I don't like putting things away so by the weekend our coffee table is overflowing with stuff. And I detest putting the laundry away. So to achieve this I'm thinking of creating a 2 week routine to put our cleaning on auto pilot.

Welp that is it for now. Fingers crossed that I succeed and don't melt down next December.

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