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Shalom and Mazel Tov! That means hello and good luck apparently. Sounds good to me. Today's post is all about a gift I made for my friend Pam. I recently showed her this amazing post by Aunt Peaches about making a glittered menorah out of those hard plastic animals that you can apparently find at the dollar store or the thrift store and decided she needed one.

Well neither the dollar or thrift store had those plastic toys big enough. But never fear, your local Michael's store has them. While I was there I also picked up some spray adhesive and a new color of glitter from Martha Stewart (my favorite!) I also had to make a few different stops to find some birthday candles with little holders. I finally found some at Party City.

I started with a base coat of black primer spray paint. I had it on hand, and thought the glitter would still look even.

Now I must apologize for the lack of pictures for these steps, but I found a drill bit that was close to the same size as the little picks on the bottom of the birthday candles and drilled 9 holes along the ridge of my brontosaurus' back. Then I just sprayed him (yes, its a boy) with some spray adhesive, and sprinkled glitter all over him. To keep my hands sticky free I used a piece of folded up alimunium foil to hold him with. Once it was a decked out in glitter I gave it a good final coat of some clear spray paint.

What? Boy brontosaurus' like purple glitter! They love it, and can't get enough of it. And I'm glad to say Pam's son Braden really loves it. The menorah, not so much purple glitter, although he's only 2 so I'm sure he doesn't really have much of a preference on glitter colors. Hopefully she will share some pictures of it all lit up and pretty during Hanukkah and I will update this post then. Either way he is glorious!

So whats pinspiring you lately?


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