We're Still Painting...

11:03 AM

Painting the exterior of your house suuuuuuucks! So bad. I am pretty sure we will never do this again, it's that bad. I'm not even sure why I smiled for this picture, maybe it was because it was the beginning of the day. Idiot.



In all reality painting your house should illicit this kind of expression.



Anyway, we've made some progress over the last couple of weekends. The weekend before our San Fran trip we finished painting the front of the house. Our due date for the painting was the end of June, so we figured it would be best to finish the more visible areas first. This super long extension pole was a life saver! It basically cut out "ladder time" in half. Working out of a window isn't too bad either.




I also finished the garage before our trip, since its in an alley way it's pretty visible too. I used my paint sprayer on the garage door and was able to cross it off the list one morning before work.



The contrast is pretty amazing in this picture. I'm not gonna lie, I feel a little cocky when I pull into my garage now.



Once we got back from San Fran, and after the holiday weekend, we got back to work. On Monday we finished the front side of the house. This part was probably the most sketchy part of this whole process because of the roof. Standing up there was tricky. I think if we had asphalt shingles it would be a little bit easier, but even standing on that angle quickly made my feet and legs sore. The first time we were up there we lasted about 2 1/2 hours before we no longer felt capable of being safe. We still have to slap some paint on the very top piece of trim, but that shouldn't take too long. Yes, Matt is holding himself in place with his foot. It was pretty slippery on those cedar shingles.



So all that's left is the second level on the back of the house, and some trim. We are pretty hopeful that we can knock it out this weekend and call this project done. I'm tired of looking at this color and I want to do fun projects inside of the house. Cross your fingers for us this weekend that we have enough energy to get it all done!


I hope your weekend is better than mine!


Nikki Kelly

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  1. The part of home ownership I do not envy...

  2. Did you use the same color as the original paint when you painted over the garage? I wouldn't be too surprised, as the paint can get sun bleached pretty quickly. It is amazing how new a little paint can make a garage look. The only thing that could make it look better, is to get an entirely new garage. That way, you would be able to get rid of the dents, if you have them. http://www.keystoneoverhead.com


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