Worst. Paint color. Ever!

2:31 PM

Ok, it's probably not the worst, but is pretty boring. Since I would never purchase this khaki green color willingly, it can only mean one thing. We are painting the exterior of our house. Lame does not even begin to describe how I feel about this project, but I'm sharing it anyways.



We've decided to break up the house painting into manageable sections, although after doing the first section it still seems like a lot of work. Basically we are spending one day doing all the prep work so that the next day we can just paint. Prep includes scraping the peeling paint off (this part sucks), washing the house down with TSP (less sucky), and then rinsing scything off with the hose (least sucky).



Breaking it up into two days gives the wood and siding a chance to dry out before we paint anyways. After that we have to spackle, sand, and seal up any little cracks with caulk. There's a lot of little cracks since we have those little vertical strips of wood all over our house in addition to the regular door and window trim.


Once the caulk was dry we primed all the bare wood and patches for better adhesion and stuff. As you can see those stupid strips of wood peeled a lot. Some of them were left with no paint at all.



Here is the after-ish shot. We still have to get some trim paint for around the door and window. Actually, we still have a lot to do, we only painted the lower half soooo, yeah. What's even more disappointing is the difference between the new paint and the old. As in there's not much! Hopefully the trim paint will help in that department, but I'm not holding my breath.



On a more exciting note, are any of you working on a Spring Pinterest Challenge project? I think I've figured out what I want to do, I just hope I have time before Wednesday. It's my last week of school and I've got some stuff to finish up, but I hope I can squeeze it in. Do you have a project picked out? If not I've got a few suggestions: DIY paint by numbers, fancy staining technique (maybe for a wall hanging), or maybe somewhere to hang your jewelry! Can't wait to see all the Pinspired projects on Wednesday!


Nikki Kelly


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