How to Hang a DIY Light Fixture

1:53 PM

It feels like this bar project has been dragging along for forever now! Seriously! Maybe it's because we've been staying focused on one thing for a long time, but I'm sooo ready to be done. Thankfully we are one step closer to that goal, I hung the lights I made last week. I also noticed that I didn't really go into much detail about how to hang the last light fixture I made, so I thought I'd add to that with some pictures to help explain.



It's really pretty simple, but pictures are worth a thousand words. At least that's what I've heard. Anyway, these are the items you will need; threaded rod, a toggle bolt, a washer, and an acorn nut. Make sure they all fit each other too! The threaded rod comes much longer, but the guys at the store can cut it for you. If you do have it cut at the store just be aware that you probably won't be able to screw that end into anything because the threading will be a little mangled. If its a big deal you can grind down the mangled parts with a dremmel tool or something like that.



Now that you've got all your supplies you need a hole in the ceiling to attach everything to. I used our largest drill bit and it still wasn't big enough. Luckily drywall is pretty easy to carve away so I just wiggled my drill around to make the hole bigger until my toggle bolt would fit. With the toggle bolt threaded onto your rod poke it into the ceiling. Just make sure that when the toggle bolt springs back open that it's pointed up, kinda like a little teepee.


Once the toggle bolt is all the way past the drywall you can attach the box of your light fixture. Slip the rod that's through the center hole, slip the washer over the end, and then attach the acorn nut. The acorn nut can only go so far onto the threaded rod, but just keep twisting. All the extra threaded rod will wind up above the toggle bolt that's hidden in the ceiling.



Sadly I did all this at night, hence the blown out pictures! I haven't even been home during the afternoon to try to get a better after picture since I hung it up, so this will just have to do for now.



Oh, and remember how I mentioned that I wanted one more decanter for the light? Well we haven't found one yet buuuuuttt, we did find this cute little ice bucket! Matt and I checked out an antique store on Sante Fe in the art district and found it for $15. Now we just need to quit putting off the electrical work and just call someone already!



Tell me what you're working on this weekend!



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  1. A picture really is worth a thousand words. Maybe a million. I always like your how-to pix. Especially since they're a little more heavy-duty than "wipe the Mod Podge all over the canvas like this..."

    Oh, and I LOVE that ice bucket. I saw lowball glasses with the exact same design on eBay and I wanted them with all my heart. Very mid-century. Very delicious.

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