Put A Ring On It

11:37 AM

Or a giant broach, in the case of our bar.



Yes, we finally bedazzled the bar! But whatever you do, please don't say bling. I really hate that word, it's up there with 'sassy'. I just can't stand either. Ok, now that we have established forboden words, let's talk about hanging this bad boy up. Since drilling holes to hang the shelves was such a fiasco, and I wanted to keep our options open down the road. I decided (as in Matt disagreed but just let me do it anyway) I didn't want to drill anymore holes in the tile. I figured we could just suspend it with some cable from the bracket that supports the larger shelf on top. Lemme show you what I mean.

This is a shot of the bracket from just beneath, and if you look closely you'll notice that the anchors don't go all the way into the wall. I am sure if this were drywall they would be nice and flat, but since tile doesn't have the same amount of give (or any for that matter) there is this tiny gap between the bracket and the wall. Whiiiich is perfect for running a little bit of cable around.



First I wanted to paint that cable so it would blend in with our giant broach thing.



And the little clampy things that go with it. I just used some black primer I already had.



Once they were painted I attached one end to our art. Simply feed the little furrow thing onto the cable, through the loop on the art, and then back through the furrow. Pull the slack so that your loop is a normal size and not ginormous and then use the wire cutting part of some pliers to crimp the furrow.



Then me and my hunky assistant (that would be Matt) took the giant broach over to the bar and did pretty much the same thing around the shelf bracket. Matt held it in place while I tightened the cable and crimped the furrow.




Then to keep the broach from swinging around I added a Command strip to the back. Oh, and if your art or whatever is dark, I would suggest getting the black ones so you won't be staring at a little scrap of white Command strip for the rest of your life. That would be unbearable.



Oh, and when Matt isn't being my hunky assistant he likes to step in and take some pictures for me, like these fancy ones that look like fireworks! Don't worry, there were no explosions going off in our home, I was just cutting off the excess cable with our Dremmel tool (not the exact one but close). Say it with me.... Oooooooohhhhh






Once the broach was hung I was a little disappointed with the spray painting job and just touched it up with some craft paint. We won't really be man handling this thing too much, so I'm not really too worried about the durability of craft paint on metal. Whatev's. After that we officially marked the broach hanging project done-zo!



Never you mind me in my pj's, Tubbs, or the messy living room that you can see in the reflection. What you CAN focus your attention on are these other little accessories we picked up. The tray is from Z Gallerie (along with the giant broach) and the bar was the perfect excuse to buy a bottle of that Crystal Skull Vodka. I've always wanted one, but Matt would just roll his eyes and say it was rediculous. It's crystal filtered!!! I'll keep it as a decanter once it's empty. Oh, and I've had a giant bag full of corks hanging out in the studio for an occasion just like this! Thanks Sherry for the smack-to-the-forehead corkspiration!



More detail shots! All these cute little Maker's Mark accessories were free! Just sign up to be an Ambassador and they will send you cool shit like this once a year! We also have fancy wrapping paper with little snow flakes that are made out of tiny Maker's Mark bottles, and a sleeve of golf balls with the wax drip printed on them.



We also dug out some bar books from our still unpacked boxes in the basement, and then sat this adorable drawing of my favorite down town art piece on top. The drawing is from an Etsy shop called Mountain vs Plains that has a handful of cute drawings of Denver hot spots. Why yes, Casa Bonita is included (not familiar with Casa Bonita? This South Park episode is very accurate. For realsies).



We are down to the wire (quite literally) on the dry bar! All that's left is the electrical stuff and then we can put this project to bed. Now, who needs a drink?


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  1. Love this "Giant broach" as you call it!
    And great idea the way you hung it :)

  2. It really does look like a giant brooch! I love it! It totally gives the area some bling. (You practically dared me to use that word).

    1. Haha! I guess I did. As long as we don't say the 's' word we'll be fine. It just makes me cringe when cougars tell me to make their hair look 'sassy'. I die a little inside every single time.


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